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You and your 28 month old child

How your child develops

The muscles have a good grip on your child, but this is not always true for his feelings. At this age, children are still prone to shoving, shuffling, screaming, and temper tantrums. Do not overcharge the hurdle. At this age, you can not expect your child to always behave perfectly, and through his tantrums, your little one wants to tell you, "I'm so frustrated that I can not think straight."

Teach your child that talking in such cases is better than shouting, making the benefits of verbal communication palatable to him. Of course, you should be a good role model for him - talk to him. Explain to him why there must be rules. Instead of simply forbidding him from running into the street, you should explain that it is dangerous unless an adult holds it by the hand. If your child understands the reason, it will be more likely to heed your warning.

That's how your life changes

Unwilling your child's nappies is an exciting experience for both of you. And while many parents do not care about "bribing" their kids, rewards in toilet or potty training are sometimes a smart idea. Read the advice of our expert.

Boy or girl?

It's not just pure superstition, experts also say that boys often start pots later than girls. Often the little guys are just not interested in the possibility. Experts suspect that this is related to the different language skills of boys and girls. Girls are more linguistically active and a lot of communication is required for diaper cessation. Flash learner or not, there are various strategies for bringing boys and girls to the potty.

Parent tip: The dental care

"I always had problems when I wanted to brush my daughter's teeth, but now she has an electric toothbrush and finds toothbrushing even fun!" - Rosie
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If a child throws himself on the floor, screams and drums with his hands, then many parents are pretty helpless. Maybe you have a tip or special questions for dealing with such tantrums. Then swap ideas with other parents in our forum.

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