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toxoplasmosis test negative


How did you react and what are you paying attention to?


  • reply - 1: Look here

  • reply - 2: No raw meat and no fresh milk cheese.
    No garden work so do not dig too much in the dirt
    But I still eat smoked ham that will not work without it.
  • reply - 3: Or here

  • reply - 4: & if you have a cat you should wear gloves when cleaning the litter box and then wash hands well or the partner should clean it :)
  • reply - 5: The only thing I do is to clean the hangover with gloves and mouth / nose protection and when I'm on the go I do not eat raw fish, anything with eggs, fresh milk or raw meat. I eat everything at home;)
  • reply - 6: I pay attention to little .... ess anyway what I want, I also make litter box clean myself, of course with hands wash afterwards .... and hugging and smooching is still a must with my monsters;)
  • reply - 7: I am Toxo positive and yet I avoid the contact. You never know what else the animals have. I also do without raw meat. I just eat it well cooked / cooked.

    Some still do everything and risk the health of their child. In the end, everyone has to be able to identify themselves with their conscience and decide for themselves.

  • reply - 8: You can eat cheese in any case - this has nothing to do with toxoplasmosis. You should only avoid raw milk cheese, but listeria. So it is with smoked or raw fish.
    In case of toxoplasmosis meat always roast well, avoid medium or rare and smoked sausages like ham and salami.
    In cats, it is the feces that can carry the pathogen and thus he is afloat in the soil and on the salad. Therefore no gardening and wash everything well what is not cooked.
    Incidentally, an infection can lead to malformation or blindness in the baby and you yourself do not even notice that you have captured this.
    I also reluctantly refuse, but after the delivery is eaten well again; o)
  • reply - 9: Beware of cuddling and smooching cats, my mother's friend has therefore got a mentally handicapped son. Do not loosen everything.
    Almost as bad as smoking
  • reply - 10: Many thanks for your comments and your help.

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