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Baby free - be a wife again


I would be interested to know if you take your baby free for an hour or even over night. If so, with whom you stay (own parents, in-laws, relatives, childminder, babysitter)


  • reply - 1: Oh that's a good idea! ,
    So I take about 1 time a month baby-free and do something with my friends. Either the little one stays with the daddy and in the evening he gets a bit overwhelmed with my two :-). Or the little one goes to my mom. But over night my children have never been to someone else. Except when I gave birth, my big one stayed the first time with the grandma.
    I am doing really well and I often have to do it even without kids!
    During the week or Saturday morning, I also like to go to rest for an hour or two shopping whether it is in dm or food, no matter !! And in the meantime, treat me to a coffee to take away ;-). In time, the pegs are with my husband. I realize afterwards that I have more patience and calmness.
  • reply - 2: Dated baby-free and child-free. Stayed with my husband and the 3 children were at grandma's. I often have baby-free when I have to go with the sisters, for example to the doctor. Mostly my stepmom the handlet 3 children without problems. Sometimes for short dates also my schwiemu.ich find that belongs to it and therefore one is not better or worse.lg
  • reply - 3: Oh yes exactly at doctor's appointments, my mum also fits in if I can not manage otherwise. When my mother-in-law was still alive. Did she have time when it was necessary for 1-2 hours. Take care of my big ones.
  • reply - 4: Have made today Grundputz and the kitchen cleaned up, my best friend Emmy has been educated as long as well, at least she was in the nursery with her but Emmy do not want MuMi in the time ... and was only one room further. that was for the time being but the last time because then she was nagging without end find it just zufüh before they do not want to MuMi more on the day I will not give them away on the day and the other night there is not even the oohnehin. I also have no need to do it all as before only stop with child for me no restriction or the like.

    If ever, but somebody should really dress in an od two years then käm for me only this friend into consideration.

  • reply - 5: I go to the sport once a week, that's kind of my baby free, and my husband is watching.
    To "correct" baby free so with overnight I have no need so far. Nora is not allowed to stay alone with someone else. Only with my husband.
  • reply - 6: I treat myself every Saturday 2 hours shopping for the whole week that relaxes properly. In time, the little one is either the drowning father or mother in law after who has time. Until now I have indulged in 1 day & night without a child I was with my mom in the same house but I did not take care of everything except breastfed. you trust me blind :) that has done well :)
  • reply - 7: Karlotta slept for the first time with my mom, she was not there 3 months! she just got pumped Mumi and it worked without problems :)
    For me completely alright - I trust my mom blind!

    When she was 5 weeks old, I was alone for the first time for 2 hours (with a friend from Switzerland in the cinema :-)).

    And now my mom watches from time to time when I go to the hairdresser or sometimes to the doctor, to the massage, etc., but maybe once a month and at the moment there is no way to think because Motte does not let me out - if I'm there, everything is fine, but woe she can not see me  
    For me completely alright, I'm right there for her :-)

    If she does not want to, then I accept that and it is also nice if the child wants to have the mother with her. 

  • reply - 8: yesterday evening we had the first time for a long time eating and sitting together. The little one was with my mother-in-law and because it was really late and I did not want to wake her she stayed there overnight. was really funny but also did well. Have with my husband watching a movie and then together to bed and have talked.

    Friday is grocery shopping and Grosputz announced I'll do it alone she is either with the dad or grandmother. And in between times when something is due, such as doctor appointments.

    We go out once a month with my husband that is also nice to enjoy the togetherness just eat and stroll.

    Since I'm back SS I'm thinking about what if I have to go to KH or something. I'm glad that Hümi zeroes up at the grandmas and I can count on them.

  • reply - 9: Yesterday I had a baby-free evening.
    Have weaned 2 months ago and yesterday I was with a friend, what to drink and eat. Was from 18 o'clock to 0 o'clock on the way and that also relaxed me once again.
    I think I will do this once a month to be a young woman again and not just mom 
  • reply - 10: I had an hour before baby free room where my husband has taken care
    Apart from that, we are practicing with my mother so tell grandma that she can stay there for one or two hours. But so far, I always have to stay close because otherwise she cries like crazy. Give her all the time in the world because she is very sensitive. And the grandma is still happy to see us twice a week for two hours.

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