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My daughter is almost 13 months old. I'm still quiet a lot. I would say half to two-fifths of their food intake is estimated. She is fit, healthy and the doctor is very satisfied with everything. Weight is also very good. Now to the actual concern. For two weeks, there is a roughly pea-sized knob behind her left nipple. He does not hurt her and it is not red. The nipple, however, is slightly contracted. I do not know if that is related or has been like that before. According to pediatrician we wait another two weeks. He made the suggestion that it could come from the quiet and if I ever thought about it to quit. I have been a bit unsure since. The meaning behind it does not open to me either. Has anyone had similar experiences?


  • reply - 1: Hello, I have no idea, but I can not even imagine that this has anything to do with breastfeeding. Does not make sense at all! I think it's funny again, for which breastfeeding should serve everything? Please let me know what came out.
  • reply - 2: Maybe because of female hormones. Yes, I like to report. Incidentally, I am thrilled with your extensive knowledge and your detailed contributions on breastfeeding. I thought, I already knew a lot 
  • reply - 3: No, the right experts are here in the forum  

    That sounds interesting, I found this thread. Maybe that will calm you down.

  • reply - 4: Thanks, I already found it. I'm just insecure, because she is almost 13 months old and I no longer completely quiet. I wonder if that can be the reason. I would be reassured, if that is so. Will ask the question again in the toddler group.
  • reply - 5: I found the expression, it is a mammary swelling. It may be necessary to clarify whether premature own hormone production is present. I hope everything is normal!

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