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Pregnant and no friends anymore


Hello my dears,
Am now in the 10 ssw feel pretty lonely since everyone knows that I'm pregnant, I have the feeling that my girlfriends do not report and no more time for me to find ...
Do you feel the same ?
Or do you think that I overreact because of the hormones


  • reply - 1: That would be a pity, if that's really the case. Could it be that you have more speech / meeting needs as a result of your pregnancy, and that your friends spend only the same time on you as you did before you were pregnant?
  • reply - 2: It's different with me, none of my friends know that I'm pregnant, I'm afraid to say that if I lose them around me ...a well-known had 2 miscarriages but a 3-year-old daughter, the other tried to be pregnant for 3/4 years has a 6-year-old son and said yes you will anyway pregnant again, the other tried it's half a year but has thyroid problems. ..
    and I have a son 7.2017 and now I'm pregnant again ..
  • reply - 3: So with me that was then so that all have turned their backs and did not want to have more to do with me. I have to say we were all 17 at that time. But I could see that it was not my true friends because if it had been like that, I would still have them all.

    that's how it was with me that does not mean that it's the same with you. I wish you all the best

  • reply - 4: Woow if you read it all so now I have only told my 2 closest friends and they are both very mega. One is also pregnant and me 2 months in advance and the other also has a small son. I'll tell the others later ... but if they turn away from you, they're not worth it. Would close with it and make new friends ❤
  • reply - 5: At first I thought so too unfortunately it is not the case ...
    My best friend said she leaves me on purpose because I am yes qwasi jez pregnant and no longer can drink smoke I should not get my hormones with him, etc. ... that has hurt me pretty much.
  • reply - 6: Well I have to say in my first pregnancy, too many turned away except a handful and I knew who my friends are. I was 23 and the others lived a celebration life - I did not fit in, but I still have my handful of friends and they are so happy for me that it finally worked out.

    Even if it is totally sad for the moment and believe me I was totally on the ground at that time - see it as something positive - life is too short to surround itself with the falsxzen people!

  • reply - 7: Honest ?? That really shocks me! I also have a girlfriend with whom I always smoked and drank. I almost never met her during pregnancy, because I could not stand the smells of alcohol and cigarettes, but that was up to me. Does not it say, with champagne or seltzer, the main thing? I think for real friends you also change your habits and meet in the evening for a party and lunch time for a cake.
    I can only recommend you to take courses for pregnant women (birth preparation, yoga, sports). There you will meet others in the same situation and maybe you will find new friends there with understanding of you and your situation)
  • reply - 8: Since I was so excited I wanted to tell my closest friend has gone a bit wrong ..
    Well, you all the best
  • reply - 9: I understand what you mean I also have a 5-year-old son my very little pleasure just like toddlers just I know and unfortunately can not understand the reaction that pulls me down that I see that there are wrong people ...
  • reply - 10: You're right so I think so but still somehow you do not feel understood I personally am a person who gives everyone his happiness ...
    I just do not understand why people are like that or people called f friends what happens to me happens to almost every woman who gets pregnant and that is evil and mean

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