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Prey! Admit it, what have you already bought ;-)


I know, I know, wait, too early ...

BUT: I have just ordered a nursing pillow, because I have read here often that it helps a good night sleep. (At the moment, I do not even know how to fix or fix my aching breasts when lying on my side.)

And I needed a little something more, so that I get the required amount for my 10 Euro voucher ... because I've ever come to a baby thermometer in the shopping cart ...

And somehow ... I had seen such great pacifiers ... :)

Have you also bought something? :)


  • reply - 1: I have also bought a baby thermometer, because I like to bathe very hot. And you should not bathe too hot. ;-)
    And my husband bought a music box two weeks ago. :-)
    I have had a nursing pillow for two years because I find it very comfortable to sleep. :-)
    I can buy sooo much! :-)
  • reply - 2: I have not bought anything yet. But also have so much of my daughter in the basement. Will rausholen this sometime and see what else is missing but that will certainly take a while. Otherwise I think I would first know what it will be and then I can not guarantee anything.

  • reply - 3: I will buy the donkey Emmi from Sterntaler today or tomorrow in the baby market. My daughter had a sheep, which I bought at the same time.

    Yesterday I looked through the Vertbaudet and the Baby Butt catalog or sucked ;-) there I saw an Ausfahrsack, which I would like. We're going to Southern Bavaria in December for the winter holiday and the little one has to be wrapped up nicely.
    I still have almost all things from my daughter, so I can only shop properly when I get a boy, which is now possible by the backdating yes again.
    Somehow I therefore hope for a boy ;-)

    I look for "cheap" baby girls :)

  • reply - 4: We have not bought anything yet ... but have already received several rompers, sheets, blankie, cuddly toy. I've decided to keep quiet until after 12 weeks with the buy ... even if I could already buy sooooo ... a lot :-)
  • reply - 5: So I already have 4 pacifiers and 2 vials and boddys and a blanket :-)
  • reply - 6: Hello,
    l recently saw cute baby socks and bought them. Now we could get a super well-preserved stroller from Hartan for 90 €. He is kept very neutrally by the color, so do not know what it is. Is that too early now already buy a stroller?
  • reply - 7: So .. I have also bought a baby thermometer ... such a hi tec part ... because you can measure fever without touching a child ... and the milk bottles I can control it later ...
    and I bought some more things
    baby equipment I will buy on ebay ... Babywiege..wickelkomode .... bed ... much cheaper and does not have to be new, except mattresses and co ... I'll buy new ... baby clothes ... will be only start in 6-7 month ....: - (((.. unfortunately !! :-)
  • reply - 8: Except for our "weak" moment and pram purchase we have not bought anything for the baby, nor is Maman in the first place when shopping and I am now fully equipped in terms of maternity clothes, the ball belly can come, currently I wear the pants and co rather because of my bloated stomach, cough ;-)
    Fortunately, I get a lot of stuff from my sisters, so we do not have to buy that much at the beginning, of course I'm happy about this financial relief. The first-born collection and the bed and the changing table want to pay the in-laws for us, I think that's totally sweet and I'm looking forward to when I can go with my mother-in-law ;-)
    Think, I will then always buy something small again, for example, the Doudou / Schmusetuch for the little one, we would definitely choose that for yourself, that accompanies it then I think so many years and I find that something very personal, maybe I am also hormone-dependent something in this matter :-)
  • reply - 9: We have already bought the nursery at Ebay for only 100 €. My husband builds this up with my SchwiePa when he is well again.
  • reply - 10: Wow, then you have already n ready room :) So we got immediately from my sister two pacifiers, a baby washcloth and a thermometer given. From a well-known a big box unisex baby clothes and myself have neat Stützbhs and belly bands, and pregnancy oil, a mega sweet baby rattle, yesterday a Romper pants for 1.50 on the flea market (because you can not just go past it or.) Uuuuund The most beautiful diaper bag bought on earth * in love * Next comes from Sterntaler the hedgehog Isidor, who should already be a loyal companion of Pünktchen during pregnancy. Joa .... And a nursing pillow must also very quickly, since I also no longer know where or how I should park my breasts best over, without them robbing my sleep all night .. Hmpf

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