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Actions to smile


Now the dwarfis are already so big that they tear more and more often (wanted) funny actions.
Tell us :-)
I look forward to smirk.


  • reply - 1: I start: When I say energetically "No", it happens more and more often that he crawls away and shakes his head while shaking his head: "Nen nen nen" :-D

    Or, when he sits at the table and everyone laughs at something he usually agrees with totally artificial laughter. :-D. Of course, has no idea why we laugh: -D

  • reply - 2: Hallo.Ja the laughing I know too. She always laughs loud and artificial and then we laugh even more - because she laughs so much - is totally funny.
  • reply - 3: Hihi :)
    My little one wants to put everything to the charger, mobile phone, laptop, tv, mum;)
  • reply - 4: Today my big one had farewell pain in the children's group. He did not want to let go of his dad :-( His little sister is meanwhile crawling into the group room, has sat down in the midst of the children and started playing * ggg * You can not wait for it ;-)
    (I myself am unfortunately still lying around sick, so only second hand)
  • reply - 5: Oh, that's nice! Has the big one still "caught"?
    P.S. crawling the story into the sea is also part of this! ;)
  • reply - 6: Yes, they did change then. He always reacts with caution to the trainees. But with his well-known carer on the arm everything is fine again.

    Yes, that was good too. My little daredevil <3

  • reply - 7: :-D haha ​​how cool the Larissa

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