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Plan a birthday party for your two-year-old

Most two-year-olds love it when everything revolves around them and they are the center of attention. That's why a birthday party with peers can be fun for your kid. Your child does not expect any earth-moving things at this age, so you do not have to spend much time and money planning.

What your two-year-old wants

When your child approaches his second birthday, it's at a difficult age. In a moment it will cling to you and be attached and next it will fight for its independence. It is still playing alongside other children rather than with them, it is still satisfied with its own society.

As long as it can not empathize with others (children), its social skills leave much to be desired - your child could bite, kick or take other toys away from other children. It is not evil, it just does not understand what it does. For you it is very exhausting, annoying and sometimes embarrassing, but it is part of normal behavior at this age.

Therefore, you can only secure peace at a birthday party if you look after the children well, keep an eye on them and do not invite too many guests.

Who do you want to invite?

Your child can help you choose. Listen to who you would like to have around you. Otherwise choose children from the neighborhood or the crib.

Make the invitation cards with your child. It's a nice afternoon exercise and a good exercise for your child to structured play. Various color effects such as sponge dots can spice up the painting. Nobody expects perfection!

Toddlers, especially if they are shy, can easily be overwhelmed by many guests. A good rule of thumb is that your child should invite as many guests as it gets. Two years makes two guests. But you should not see it that close. If your child has three good friends or four cousins, that's not a problem - as long as you trust them! The parents should stay at the party, so you have a lot of help and support. Remember that your child is just beginning to learn how to interact with others, so do not expect too much togetherness from the little ones.

Divide the time well

Some children still have a nap at this age, which you should consider in the planning. Keep the party short, but nice - one to one and a half hours is a reasonable time for stressed-out parents.

Games and fun

Most children of this age love disguises, so if you have a box or a basket of old clothes, scarves, or colorful scarves, a lot of fun is gained.

Balloons are fun, but when they burst, more frightened children can be scared. If a balloon bursts, quickly clear the remains before a child chooses to.

Simple games with clear rules such as ringlets or "all birds fly high" make the little ones fun. Even dancing and nursery rhymes with movement are good - or tell the kids a short story if they are too upset.

If you play prize games like pot-fighting, make sure that no child runs out of cash. If not everyone wins, tears are quickly released - yet your child is too small to win and lose.

Kids love everything that makes noise, so playing the pipes, whistles and drums is great fun.

If you have money, time and space, and also open-air season, you can rent or buy a small bouncy castle, but you need plenty of space and good supervision. In hot weather, you can set up a paddling pool and distribute garden toys or sandbox toys - but again, it is necessary that someone always keeps an eye on the little ones. In addition, you should provide shade and cream the kids well with sunscreen.

Choose a good place

At home it is still the most beautiful, but you may also be lucky enough to have an indoor playground near you. Alternatively, perhaps the mothers café in your area in question. Remember that not only do you need the space for the little ones, but also for their parents. This will make your home full quickly.

If you celebrate away, your home stays tidy and with a bit of colorful decoration you can create a party atmosphere everywhere.

Plan a meal

Even if the party lasts only a short time, you should offer a small meal. The children enjoy the most when the food is colorful and they do not have to sit at the table. For you it is easiest, if the food is well portionable. Sausages, bite-sized vegetable sticks, mini pizzas, jelly in small potty and water ice are always Partyknüller. They need enough highchairs or children's tables and chairs for all their little guests - or they are having a picnic on the floor.

If you want to make life easier, then the birthday cake should not be a cream cake. A dry birthday cake is better for children's hands.

Of course you can lovingly decorate it with gummy bears or frosting, your child will be sure to enjoy a picture of his favorite animal or his favorite toy on the cake.

To make eating and drinking a little more civilized, you should use closed cups and plastic bowls.

Choose a party theme

If you want to put the party under a motto, then think about what your child likes best and what he does not like. A popular party theme is the theme of "jungle". For this you need musical rhymes about animals, documented breads in animal form and animal costumes.

Even an artists' meeting can be a nice motto - painting, coloring, kneading or sticking a collage makes the little ones fun.

Gifts for the guests

Not only, but especially the little ones will be happy if they can take home some of the party.You do not have to spend a fortune, but avoid too many cheap sweets, which can contain many dyes and gelatin.

Cheap plastic toys, children's sunglasses and coloring books assure you excited and happy guests.

Choose the right gift

At this age gifts are required that stimulate the imagination. Playdough is a big favorite, just like fairings and other role-playing utensils like retail stores and a game kitchen.

But your two-year-old is also bursting with irrepressible energy, so it could be fun to have a paddling pool or sand toy.

Top tips for a great party

  • At the age of two, some of your guests may already have started pecking. So expect minor accidents and have clothes to change and a towel ready.
  • Have a potty or two at hand, just like a toilet seat - and lots of toilet paper.
  • In order to fight the toy, keep therefore the most valuable things safe and try to be able to offer all toys as double as possible.
  • Ask the parents to stay - then any tantrum is their problem, not yours.
  • Do not make a second adult party - offer only drinks and snacks.
  • Have the children eat at the table or spend the food, but do not self-serve for children. The little ones do not yet understand the principle of a buffet.
  • Put the food on the table at the last minute and leave it immediately after the meal to avoid temptation.
  • Serve something hearty rather than something sweet.
  • Make sure there are enough cups with lids.
  • Keep the children games short, simple and structured. This will not make the kids bored and there will be less excitement and turmoil.

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