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  • reply - 1: We have a manual sucker from dm. And when Emma snorted, the gold was worth it. Have previously sprayed with a salt solution, a bissi waited and then sucked off and then the nose was free again. However, Emma does not find the sucking very funny.
    Get well soon your little one.
  • reply - 2: Get the Angel vac.
    The one puts on the vacuum cleaner and so that really comes out any rotz ..
    I know it sounds brutal  
    At first I thought so synonymous but the thing is really great ..
    The strength that comes later through the small hole for the rotz is minimal and not to compare with the suction without the essay .... that is just everything minimized by extra hose from the sucker .. and our came always already started. If I had the clean in my hand ... for my little 1000 times better than the eternal and especially things long tormenting around with these little handdingern..2seconds everything is out I love the part
  • reply - 3: We also swear on Angel vac. Could not imagine that, but I'm glad to have ordered it.
  • reply - 4: Join us. He is worth gold.
  • reply - 5: Yes we are also very satisfied
  • reply - 6: We have that and are more than satisfied. And no, one does not get the Schnodder in the mouth, there is a protection against;)
  • reply - 7: We too, are also very satisfied;)
  • reply - 8: Have the simple one by rossmann. Degree now that he had three weeks of purulent yellow pottery, the thing was in permanent use. He has fallen for it because he has noticed that it helps. Sometimes he even came up with the thing like this: "mama make a bit of a blunder!"
  • reply - 9: We also have Nose Frieda. The Ida had gsd only 1 time runny nose but with the part we got the nose well clean. But then we always sucked in to 2 "I had the Ida on my lap and my husband has sucked his nose clean. Otherwise she fidgeted too much.
  • reply - 10: Yes, we also suck off in twos, ben too wobbles too much. But with the things of dm / Rossmann / nuk we get out nothing ...

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