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The circle of friends


Hello moms,
What about your friendships?
Has anything changed since your baby arrived (positive / negative)?


  • reply - 1: Hope this thread does not exist yet So with me, something has changed quite a bit. Unfortunately for the negative  
    My best friend has been with me throughout the pregnancy, even made a surprise baby shower, etc. But now since Noah in the world, I can hardly see and hear anything from her.
    She got her son last October and I think it's a pity that I do not hear much from him.
    One has to say that my girlfriend is also my boss at the same time and unfortunately she was unable to release a baby year due to her independence.
    What I can though.
    Somehow she seems to burden that.
    But would not admit it.
    Of course, I am also worried about how it will work if the contact continues to be so bad.
    It was always important to me that it harmonizes at work.
    But if it continues like that, I do not think it will be like this.
    First and foremost, it hurts that there is such a lack of interest.
    Did she already mentioned that and she just said that we can do it again because she has a lot on her mind at the moment. Work, family. What I find understandable.
    But I think it is still important to maintain friendship and if it is only briefly asked about WhatsApp how to do it.
    For others it has funny way time :(
    Sry the text is so long but it had to get out.
  • reply - 2: This is really funny that she has for other time for you but it does not sound bissl as if she does not begrudge you the baby year maybe she is there because something is eaten because you can enjoy the time with your sweetheart but not Do not worry about that, maybe she just does not have the time when I imagine I have to work on the side, I'm done, that's all better, do not worry too much
  • reply - 3: With me it has become much less with friendships I have only two friends with a baby and without the without baby of course has some more time she is totally interested in my son by the way also Noah means I never thought that would hold this friendship when the little one is there but luckily she is very understanding
  • reply - 4: Huhu,
    For me, unfortunately, it has also changed into negative. My best friend, who should also be a godmother, I barely see and have virtually no contact anymore. I also have the feeling that the understanding is missing somewhere, that I just can not get away from us any more etc. Also so when we see each other and I tell about my little one, I have the feeling it would annoy her. That annoys me a lot. She does not have a child yet. Sometimes we are not even asked if we want to do something together.

    I've heard from several that the circle of friends changes when you have a child. But I had not imagined it that bad.

  • reply - 5: Unfortunately, my best friend can not do anything with my little one, but that was already clear before he was even in the world. Nevertheless, we meet regularly, just do not do so much party at the moment (or we go at the most time something food, etc.). But friendship does not hurt that now, I think ...
    I rather bother the friendship with those who now have children. Somehow that has become so funny. Can not describe that, the friendships have become superficial and somehow it is constantly looked at what the other makes or does not do. Quite strange.
  • reply - 6: when reading the headline I just thought: which circle of friends? Since the pregnancy it was less and now I have two friends who do not have much understanding. Well I think you keep developing and find new friends
  • reply - 7: Do you have to give my mustard? .. So, honestly, between us, I understand the girls who do not have children, that they do not want to keep getting something from the little ones.
    I have to say for myself when I meet with girlfriends then Nikita is also not always talk topic .. And that's good!
    I'm not only mom and I understand the girls it then "annoying" and you can talk about nothing else  
    I think that has nothing to do with understanding but maybe we should raise a little understanding Mums s ;-)
    to come to the original topic .. So with us, not much has changed in the FK because all of us the baby s hatched within a year .. So perfect
    and those who do not have children are interested in Nikita otherwise they would not be real friends :)

  • reply - 8: Surprisingly, everything has stayed with us. We are the first with junior and I thought it will fizzle. We often meet on Sunday afternoons instead of Saturday evenings. If it was even grilled in the evening, then we started a little earlier, so we can participate.
    Or there is girls breakfast and the little one is home with dad. Then we talk about him, but also about 1000 other things. That's important to me, I also want to know what's going on in the lives of others.

    What I miss are other mothers.Although I have playgroups and baby swimming, there has not been anyone with whom it would have worked that way, or even make friends. I had imagined that differently and easier and therefore I am also a little sad .. Well. Maybe this will happen later through kindergarten, clubs or school. Let's see

  • reply - 9: With me it has become less synonymous what is really a pity has interrupted my education & my Sitznachbarin the eig had become my best friend is the contact aborted he is not as before what I think is really a pity .. eig should they be godmother but the contact became worse when I went to maternity
    but an 'old' classmate has become mum in December & we get along so much the better :) which I'm really happy & the short ones are from meetings to meet even better :)
    even the fathers come along & when we are all zsm we talk until the middle of the night :)
  • reply - 10: For me, I mean with understanding the party and alcohol just do not work in lactation. My son needs me at night and then I'm told to bottle and then I can go out. Of course now I am trying to quit but not because of medications so I can go celebrate

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