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The 2nd birthday


I know it's still a bit early  But I'm already thinking about what I could buy my little one's birthday and also for Christmas gifts or what the relatives can give. Financially I just want to divide it up first the big one then the little one then it's Christmas and then my husband has  

Do you have any ideas?
What did the older siblings get at this age?
What do you like?

I want to exchange ideas 


  • reply - 1: After a long Internet storm, I am not totally happy but extremely satisfied

    Actually, we would like to have an Emmi Pickler Triangle - hmmmm I think it's too "small" by now. He just climbs much higher / more skillfully. I think he would not have much fun, then there would be quite a few additions to.
    The big rainbow of Grimms I think is nice but ?????  

    The big one gets a tool bench with the right tool wood for sawing, etc. The little one always wants to join in, so there will probably be a tool case (made of plastic) for him and maybe a hammer bank.

    What I still like:
    - Goki vehicles
    - stacking game "animal on animal" (had the big one already and we had a lot of fun)
    - My first join in game
    - Iron-on beads Maxi and Steckspiele
    - a fishing game for the bathtub
    - correct wooden jigsaw puzzle (so do not put this in)

    Much is still of the big there but something that only his interests would be great.
    For the birthday or shortly afterwards we will drive to the Mini Monkeys climbing park 

  • reply - 2: yes, we still have time. We would like to furnish your room a little bit new. Away from baby design, a new bed, a new coat of paint. Otherwise, he is already so interested in scooters and wheels ... let's see
  • reply - 3: He gets from the family an impeller and belonging also protectors

    From us he gets his first ice hockey jersey

  • reply - 4: A new bed is available to us - because we have absolutely no idea what.
    Unfortunately, I just can not convince my family that they just go with it. It always wants to give someone something  

    He gets a bike helmet for the bike from his uncle, that's for sure. I would also like to give an impeller, but we actually have enough vehicles including 2 wheels, but they are all donated only by the family, but saves money but then the gift ideas are missing  
    In addition, I find it in November silly vehicles for outside to give.

  • reply - 5: We wish the big power workers for him. Great quality and he is totally into vehicles and especially construction vehicles.
    And then a few of these rubber animals (dinosaurs, farm animals ...) for role-playing games. He's just starting. Gives his stuff to drink and eat etc.
    Impeller he drives already half a year with enthusiasm.

  • reply - 6: Yeahy, I'm not the only bum who is already breaking over it  
    And even though I'm going to be a mom again in September and that should cause me a headache  

    So last year I promised myself and her that I would make her a real cake, and so on, because on my first birthday I found it too early to make a big circus.

    I thought about making her a homemade Oreo cream cake, with chocolate tray, Stracciatella cream and around it oreo's like a couple above :) She loves Oreos so much  
    Then because yes winter is still thinking of the first zoo visit, of course, if it is then not too icy, otherwise I am there haphazard.

    What I give her? No idea For me this is still the big rustling but I thought of a baby doll and a stroller because she is totally crazy about my baby now, but since her brother is there too, I do not know if she will not have the fake baby left leaves and only cuddles her brother    Not bad but of course it would be a shame for the gift .. let's see  

  • reply - 7: Spontaneously found a super great bed - in the form of a tepee tent  
    Birthday present is still a trifle and the rest of the dear family.

    We have already baked last year but only a mole cake Let's see what it is this year think so on sheet cake in Tracker form

  • reply - 8: That was our 1st birthday. I thought it was great because he was so much of it for a long time 
  • reply - 9: We have a new nursery for our second birthday. I would like to finish it sooner, but it is realistic that we are currently on the 02.11. be finished. In January comes our second child and should then pull in Armin's "old" baby bed. I think he might feel repressed, so the new room wants to finish as soon as possible.

    Otherwise, I find the wheels of Wishbone great. In the winter that only brings nothing ... so well possible that there is still this summer: D

    Well ... and both gift ideas are gone ... Probably there will be many more books because they are devoured here. In addition still plasticine and new pins.

  • reply - 10: First gift bought 

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