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How do you secure your KiWa?


Now we have to ask the question, when we put him in the hallway or bicycle cellar (outside our apartment) or when you're on the road ... how to secure it.
So how do you protect your pram?


  • reply - 1: I think I'll do a bike lock on it
  • reply - 2: We are researching right now and it is not so easy to find the right lock, because my husband also thinks the KiWa is more expensive than our bikes so he needs a better lock

  • reply - 3: Have ordered now the ABUS Multiloop in yellow

  • reply - 4: We do not ask ourselves the question, our pram is in the car because I need it every day ... and the tub is in the closed cellar.
  • reply - 5: It's possible that we'll put him in the car, but if we do not have a lock now, we'll be able to take that for something when the KiWa gets into the car. If you are visiting somewhere where there is no other way or so.

    I finally want to use it
    He is so lost in KiZi

  • reply - 6: Luckily we do not have to worry about it. If I need him in town, I will not turn him off, and otherwise he'll be in the car, or in our living room. But there were even KiWa stolen from the pediatrician ....
  • reply - 7: Ours is in the KIWA room for which we have a key. Only the other parents who have their car and the caretaker have a key. Everyone has their own place and you can connect your car to a metal ring hanging from the wall. Very cool, because the part is then directly on the ground floor and I do not have to go down in the basement, as he has to hump up in the 5 floor. =)
  • reply - 8: @ Antje: at our old pediatrician gabs a stroller storage with locks. If you came with a stroller, you could pick up a key in front and connect his stroller, so nothing gets away. Extremely advantageous.
    Our new pediatrician does not have something like that, but I'm going out of the car with the baby seat anyway. So no topic for us.
  • reply - 9: @ Janina
    Really cool!!!

    Let's see how it is with my KiA, but since I go there with a car, I will also rather walk in with a baby seat and at my midwife where I'm going to run I think not sooo much operation, but now have a lock

  • reply - 10: The lock has arrived today and it is long enough to be pulled through 2 tires and the sports seat. The coating does not scratch it anywhere.
    If you want to attach it to a grid you should also be able to fix it so that the KiWa is properly secured.
    However, one can take off all the wheels individually with one click and all 4 wheels + sport seat attachment becomes heavy. But does anyone steal individual wheels? So we do not live in an area where something is constantly missing. We have not connected our patio furniture for 3 years and there was never something ....

    Can recommend the castle so first, if someone still has none and is looking for one. Also think that it is stable enough against casual thieves. But who really gets it all gets so small and every car to Poland ... But well. I do not want a safe for my KiWa :)

    By the way, our household insurance also covers the loss of the KiWas in the hallway when it was connected! Up to 1,000 EUR. Treated like a bike! I asked for extra.

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