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Hello Mum,

I would like to know if one of you visits a pekip course with the plug.
How are your little ones doing? How do you like the group yourself?
Do you think that makes sense?

Back then at the U3 the pediatrician Pekip recommended us and luckily I got a place.
Now that's the fact that there are children of the birth months May and June. Sohnemann is actually a July child (VET 05.07.), But due to planned KS on 27.06. come to the world.
Between him and the youngest child there are 3 weeks, is said exaggerated, while the little ones there already brains, etc, my son vegetates to himself ... besides, he cried so bitterly when we were there, that he did not put off and exhausted the 1.5 hours overslept, and then crying together on the way home, so I stopped halfway and breastfed, which has also provided only a short relief.

Well and finally, the course time is just when my son exceptionally sleep over day.

Now I do not know what to do. Either continue to try or start again when he's older ?! Then again, it is questionable whether I get a seat ... looking forward to sharing with you.



  • reply - 1: Hello. Do not even have any experience with pekip, but we have only one woman who offers that in the nourishing environment. And this starts with the babies later. We start at the end of November and our son is already 4 1/2 months old.
  • reply - 2: I personally do not care about that. what's the use of it, when naked babies piss everything off and shit? was not that pekip?
    and I would not, if your little pisses at the time most of the time, anyway.
  • reply - 3: We're doing this for the first time pekip, with the guys I've done something similar, just not in the nude. The nakedness I find synonymous rather stupid, but here's nothing else than the course. Let's see how it is. But I know from the last few groups, that most of the children were always totally exhausted at the end and shouted everything, mine were both very relaxed and mostly slept. I do not know if I would do that to me if it ended up being such a catastrophe. Let's see how the little one will join in, in the middle of September it starts
  • reply - 4: We also have course from mid-September. I mainly hope for suggestions and ideas for me. If he overslept the course, I'd be fine too
  • reply - 5: I was 2 years ago with my son in the Pekip and I think it's great.
    At least if the course is well designed.

    With us there was just for each stage of development corresponding game offer.
    It was also nice to see how different children play with the same things.

    We start again with the Pekip in 2 weeks and I'm looking forward to it

  • reply - 6: And it's not about what the others can do and you should not compare your child.

    The principle of Pekip is more to offer the child opportunities and suggestions to develop themselves.

    Of course it is exhausting at the beginning when they are so small, but you usually do a course like that until they are 10-12 months old

    And being naked is a small duty. It should give the children only the opportunity to pedal freely, which many like very much

    I once attached a picture, as it looks like later, my son was 8 months old.

    There was just such a soft staircase, stack cups and filled bottles and just every week completely new things for the little ones

  • reply - 7: I'm also considering whether to sign up for a course.
    For me, however, it is only an option if I find a course that starts when the little one and I are ready for it. For me, that means we have a rhythm of breastfeeding and sleeping - otherwise I find it more stressful I'm kind of tense when I'm on the road and I know that she's going to scream with hunger ... then she starts screaming
  • reply - 8: If there would be a course in my immediate area, I would go.
    I love the fact that babies are given so many developmental opportunities to take care of their own bodies with their abilities and environment.
    In addition, the short ones are among their peers and the mums can also exchange views.

    Unfortunately, I only have the book and the implementation of the suggestions at home.

  • reply - 9: Pekip is great. Have already done it with my big daughter and do it now with the little one. Begins from about 8 weeks and goes in several courses up to one year. The babies love to be naked, because they can work with all their senses. At home they are not often naked, especially in winter. The big one also had the feeling that she had learned so fast to interact with her peers. And you know how to help them by motor. Of course, they also learn everything by themselves, but that's the way it is fun =) Best baby class I did.
  • reply - 10: I went with my big then also a Pekip course. I do not think she learned anything faster, but that was not important to me. It was an amusing time for us both once a week. The exchange with the other mommies was just because she was my first child, helpful and funny. Consider if I do it again this time, because the big days are already quite full is probably a relaxed morning at home better and now comes soon the recovery course because then we have then again!

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