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Delete baby cot?


Hello girls, need help. I want to delete the baby bed and can not decide how. It is now in natural wood but since my two boys had it so and I do not like it any other way. The only problem is that the baby comes with me in my bedroom and everything is in purple gray and pink and blue actually does not fit into it I want the sky of bed in white or beige. I do not really like white and I do not want to paint the bed and brown does not fit either. Do you think I can paint the bed in gray? Or is that too stupid for a baby bed? It would have been easier with the girl. I would have taken purple pink. Do you have a suggestion otherwise?


  • reply - 1: * sneak in * Before I say anything about it, I'll give you a tip that you should try: google for "babybed gray" and see what you think about it ...

    Otherwise, my suggestion, should it not be gray, to look for complementary colors or other design ideas. Often you will find combinations that would otherwise not have come to you.

  • reply - 2: There is also the possibility to paste the bed with decopage. There are different patterns and colors. With that I will change my rocking chair nursery suitable.
  • reply - 3: @ LadyLoki I have ever seen on the internet. I think it's not that bad but neither is it that I'm totally convinced. Can even upload a picture of a cabinet from my bedroom. This will be the wardrobe for the baby. I'll just paint the purple differently.
  • reply - 4: In any case, you should use color that meets the DIN EN-73 standard. The is saliva proof, suitable for children's toys. That if your baby is sucking something, nothing happens regarding the absorption of pollutants etc
  • reply - 5: Yes, thanks for the info. Already thought about it. Have 1 year worked as a painter and painted among other wooden toys for children and my Opi is a master painter :-)
  • reply - 6: Do not get that with the image upload. I know how that works
    only my cell phone does not want
  • reply - 7: Ohh, I have a plan now. I'm going to put my wardrobe as a room divider. My bedroom is very large about 25 square meters. And the baby side I'll do with rockstarbaby, so sky bedding, wall tattoo u.s.w. there is everything and the bed I do light gray. I just came on it because I found such a sky in the inet. And since I like rock, that fits. Stupid only the things are very expensive compared to others. Does anyone have rockstarbaby features as well?

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