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Acclimation in the kindergarten - from when?


Hey girls. .. I have one year parental leave and then from the 13th month of life, the little one comes to the daycare .. the daddy makes the acclimation. .nun I'm thinking about possibly two years to look after her and then in the day care center. How do you do that and what is possibly best? I'm back and forth: '(with 12 months, the little ones can not talk yet .. Max. Three words and possibly some steps ... .. for the settling in. Maybe easier? How do you see that and handle it? ?? Thank you!


  • reply - 1: Hey, I'm an educator and keep my little one as long as (financially) possible home. Preferably until he is three.

    I have worked with both 0-3 year olds and those accustomed and also with 3-6 year olds. Every child is so individual that every acclimatization is different and can be light or sword. Very important here is the farewell must signal to the child that it is absolutely right for you or your husband that the child stays there. You have to convey security! If you stand there with tears in your eyes during the farewell, your child will think that you do not want it to stay there and the farewell will be very difficult ...

    Personally, I think that for children under three, it is best kept at home. But in a great crib, your child will feel well and develop well. The most important thing is that you feel it's right !!

  • reply - 2: I hope I do not pull the hatred of all on me, but my daughter will go to the manger at the age of six months. I live in Switzerland and there are only 14 weeks maternity leave here. I then go on unpaid leave, but then I have to work again (rent, insurance, pensions, etc., so want to be paid). This is the place to go and the kids are doing well!
  • reply - 3: I am 18 months at home - however, the small one year old is already in the manger (under the year boarding not possible). However, that will not be a problem, the big one is in the kindergarten preschooler and therefore the little one is there every day to bring, pick and if I EB session automatically with it.
    She will think, however, in the 1st year a maximum of 2 days each 7 hours to go, a day covers grandma .. So she will really go only what I need from work her ..
    The big one came in with 2 and loved it. It always depends on the child. That's why half a year "buffer" for me, the big comes to school and the little one in the daycare ..
  • reply - 4: I think that it is always good for the child, if you feel comfortable with it. Then you put that to the dwarves and you're fine :-)
  • reply - 5: I am also an educator and I think that it is best for as long as possible at home. If it demands a different life, then that's okay too. Just a quick bussi and go straight and the child I can not keep crying. I have not even been able to leave my granddaughter with Grandma and Grandpa for 14 months, because she has alienated her.
    In addition, children are only from two social behavior mature for groups without mom / dad and mentally between three and four for day care (only background knowledge).
  • reply - 6: After a year, my blanket fell on my head. Probably the educators are easier but around the clock to be there just for the kid and be zero "myself" was too bland.
    So I've done the big with 1 year in the crib, 4 hours. That was great for him, he became a total nerd fan and I was able to work a bit again. It was and is so great that I now plan to do that with the mouse as long as it is ready.

    I am convinced that children need children. And a crib "can" (if it's good) be the perfect place.

  • reply - 7: It's the same with me.
    I also live in Switzerland, so I only have 14 weeks. Then I can hang on for another 5 weeks (my annual vacation) and mine my overtime.
    Must work again from June. My little one is 9 months old. If it were up to me, I would like to stay longer at home, but as carmelita wrote, you have to go back to work to pay bills
    Where are you from carmelita?
  • reply - 8: Aj, always the Swiss ;-)

    For me exactly the same - with 6 months my little goes on three days in the kita.

    The children of my sister (4 and 2 years) have always been at home and now they are in the playgroup - always gives the full whining.

    I find Kita ok with 6 m. Let's see how hard it will be for me then. But I'm also looking forward to working.

    Anyone the way he wants and can financially ...

  • reply - 9: Our stay at home for 3 years and then we start with kindergarten. Just have the luck that it is financially. But when she is 1 year old then I work by the hour (15 ca) and the little one stays with dad or grandma for so long. At home I can not.
  • reply - 10: So the big one has damaged the Kita from 1 to zero! On the contrary!! Werds at the small also do so

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