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BEL - nevertheless spontaneous birth


Hello girls, I hope this thread does not already exist, have not found anything that explicitly goes into BEL.

Are there among you Mommies whose babies (from the 34th ssw) are still in BEL?
if so who of you would like to try a spontaneous vaginal birth? Have you been to the special clinics? What did you learn? How did it end?

are there even those who spontaneously gave birth to BEL? Please share your experiences with us?

I would be very happy and I am sure that it will help many of us to have more courage to try it in the normal way.
today one is recommended directly a Ks, I think that's terrible!

look forward to your contributions,

best regards


  • reply - 1: it can still turn, right? talk to midwife. you can moxen, lure with flashlight .... akkupunktur make. I know 1, who had birth feet first and head last. she said: never again! it must have been bad. the shoulders are problematic. sorry.

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