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Hello Mommy,

I opened this thread to maybe get some tips from you, which stimulates milk production. There are certainly some others here who might be interested.
I already have fenugreek capsules, non-alcoholic wheat beer, malt beer, milk production balls, still tea
and tried the other common means! I put the little one every 2-3 hours, sometimes every hour. Everything brings only minimal something. There must be something that can provide more milk.


  • reply - 1: Ever tried homeopathic remedies?
  • reply - 2: Tomorrow the Schüssler salts arrive. I hope they bring something! I did not want to try everything now. Otherwise, probably comes after the Similasan. But I thought maybe someone already has experience with it ... There are different opinions on the internet
  • reply - 3: What does your breastfeeding tea consist of?
    Fennel anise caraway helps me extremely well! But not more than 3 cups daily.
  • reply - 4: Look at Piulatte. I have not tried it myself, but it should help very well.
  • reply - 5: A friend had a problem too. You helped the following tea blend, which she received from the midwife.
    Also important: exchange breastfeeding, without nursing hats, pacifier away, every 2 hours. It may be that you already do everything anyway. Just wanted to write for others;)
    I hope it gets better soon. Unfortunately, I have just the other problem (too much) and that also causes us problems.
  • reply - 6: Thank you very much :-)
    I already had Piu Latte. But there the fenugreek capsules help better.
    I did not know this nursing tea yet! Will I buy everything today and make me one ...
  • reply - 7: Oh yes and yes, we are already doing breastfeeding breastfeeding since birth. Still hat and pacifier she does not like :-) luckily!
    Unfortunately, we feed since birth. But she abhors the bottle more and more. I really have to force her to drink one. But then she drinks them too.
  • reply - 8: At the recipe for tea, drink 1 liter a day and down 1-2 cups a day. What is right now?
  • reply - 9: Sounds even banal: eat enough yourself and do not constantly climb on the scales themselves!
    I eat more when breastfeeding than in pregnancy (I'm hungry) and the decrease came automatically with the first at the first - when I could then eat less again.
  • reply - 10: Oh yes, I know that with hunger. I often get up at night and raid the fridge
    I do not go to the scales at home! I have no time for :-) the last time at the final examination. Since I was already 2 kilos as my starting weight And I eat all day

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