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Smaller fruit oils?


Hello you love i am new here,
I have tested positive on Friday & Saturday .. Was on Monday my FA .. Since I was 5 + 4 on the ultrasound beautiful fruchthöle + yolk sac to see (fruit oils 5.4 mm)
Tuesday I had ul hurt where my doctor & the internet said that is normal & magnesium helps. Then I also took & laid down & rested ..
In the afternoon I got up & notice something wet in no slipp ..
It was a "dripping" smear bleeding more brown than red .. I was immediately fix & ready (my 1 ssw) & have my doctor called .. She said I should go to the KH ..
Said done .. After waiting forever to finally get a gyn to face ..
Made ultrasound & he says .. he does not see anything! No fruit oils .. nothing !!
I was devastated, he said it was an exit & yes ..
Have called my FÄ & she said I should come back to her .. (yesterday) she had then also made an ultrasound & thank god, a fruit oils seen but only 2.6 mm in size .. :(
Well, my question is now I still have hope? Did not have any bleeding or lubricating bleeding ..
Could it be that my fruchthöle just hiding something? Or something? Do I still have any hope?
Thanks in advance.. :)


  • reply - 1: Has anyone ever lost HCG? I only had a MA in May and I'm pregnant again ... That's why I can understand you, but when something gets smaller it does not mean anything good. Basically, you can not do anything but wait, what the body does on its own ... What did your doctor say? What should you come back?
  • reply - 2: Yes, I know .. So I can not hope anymore?
    Hcg wants to take her next time wiedrr, every 2 days ultrasound control .. Friday (with a replacement doctor because she is not there) & Monday again with her, there should also be taken blood.
  • reply - 3: The hope is last ... I keep my fingers crossed for you and wish that everything turns out well!
    That is not excluded!
  • reply - 4: I'll keep my fingers crossed for you <3

  • reply - 5: Huhu, what's gotten out today at the doctor? Hope good news.
  • reply - 6: yes it did not look so bad now .. fruit oils is still there & lt's measurement on the ultrasound it looks a bit bigger than wednesday :)
    We have seen a spot that could either be a second fruit oil or a bruise ..

    Najada's game goes on like this .. Every 2 days of control & next week, the hcg will be tested :)

  • reply - 7: Hihi see ... No one can hope for more at some point. For the time being, we hope with you and that has obvious dates. The wait is not that long 
  • reply - 8: Yes, thank you  
    Luckily yes ^^
  • reply - 9: Great, that makes me very happy <3

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