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Say goodbye first, for a few days :-)!


Hey, just drop me a note for 8 days!
The center park in Belgium is waiting for us :-), that will probably be our last holiday together for the next 16 to 18 years ;-) !! I'm looking forward to it and we'll enjoy it!
See you .


  • reply - 1: MUCH FUN!
  • reply - 2: When the headline I got a little scare ... hui, but thank God, everything is fine, I wish you a nice time ... enjoy it!
    Lg Aylin
  • reply - 3: I wish you a lot of fun and relaxation ... !!!
  • reply - 4: @Aylin: My heart has also made a brief drop in the headline ...

    @ Jessi: Rest well and enjoy the time.

  • reply - 5: Sorry, did not want to scare you !! I'll get started quickly :-) behind the headline.
  • reply - 6: Well, now it's better!
  • reply - 7:
    yes, at least now you do not immediately think of something bad
  • reply - 8: relaxing days you ... hopefully enjoy it to the fullest ...
  • reply - 9: God I'm scared, I thought.

    Have fun and enjoy it.

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