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Is it similar to someone?
The partner has already brought a child into the relationship, and now the world is changing again. Here comes a baby. How do your patchwork kids handle it? How do you deal with those who actually live with their mother and are with you only on weekends?


  • reply - 1: Hello. So my husband already has a daughter who is 6 years old. I met her when she was just 1 year old. So she has known me for a long time. Never ate problems until the birth of our daughter. But that was also important to me. It changed everything emotionally. I think it is different for everyone but it has made a lot more difficult with us because the mother Auh does not cooperate. It's so slow. I am curious how it will be then with the next child.
  • reply - 2: That sounds really spamming. We tell the now eleven-year-old daughter of my friend at We from our baby and I think it's really exciting. Even if their reaction is not predictable anyway, we play through all possibilities again and again. Let's see how it comes.
  • reply - 3: We are also Patschwork. :-) He has 2 kids (23 and 16) and I have two (9 and 7). The baby will be our joint now.
    All but the big son of Him knows it now. Mine are looking forward to it and his daughter did not think it was that stupid I had the feeling.
    How the time will be ... let's see .....
  • reply - 4: Jo, is similar to us. My future one already has two children (from today 5 and 6), but they live with the mother. They are both happy. Basically this is just always difficult, because in the course of pregnancy, for example, I simply did not have the energy to respond to it and even now and then I just do not see it ... Let's see how it will end up when ours Dwarf in the world is whether the jealousies go off or it becomes harmonious. Let's be curious :-) For us, the mother cooperates reasonably (she probably said she is happy because of the baby), but does not want to talk to me ... also a solution ^^.
  • reply - 5: We are also a patchwork family. My husband has a daughter (12), I have a daughter (8) and our daughter (8 months). The children were happy and are great with each other  
    I'm curious how it will be this time, when we say there is still a crumb on the way ^ ^
  • reply - 6: We are also a patchwork family. I brought my daughter into the relationship then she was 3 years old. And now we have a son of 16 and in September they get another sibling. The big sister loves her brother so much and cares about him, the two have 7 years difference but that's why it's easier with the jealousy because she understands it

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