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Fortunately curves


I thought it would be nice to post the lucky curves here 


  • reply - 1: I'll start with my. It was according to Ovu, MS and ZS on 9.5
  • reply - 2: Proof that even zigzags can lead to success :-)
  • reply - 3: Oh yes. However, I find the first half of the cycle nice and quiet. Maybe it was Ovaria
  • reply - 4: Congratulations and a great pregnancy. Your curve gives me hope. Am at high day 6 and the last 2 days, the tempi has dropped significantly. Hope she rises tomorrow again.
  • reply - 5: I just want to say ... even with somamox 3 values ​​have gone down and still it worked :)

  • reply - 6: Looks great: D yourself lucky bring 
  • reply - 7: Yes, it is not given up yet 
  • reply - 8: I think it may come to the estrogen cracker in this period. I had that in every one of my previous curves. Main thing about CL. I'll keep my fingers crossed!
  • reply - 9: No more lucky curves anymore :-)?
  • reply - 10: Yes, I'm sorry, I look at them as well. Have just seen yours that you also have very low temperatures and not even come across 37. That gives me courage again 

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