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Only 5 weeks left


In 5 weeks, my little son is to come to the world, so slowly I'm really very much afraid of the gebuert!


  • reply - 1: I still have six weeks, I try to push away the fear iwie but that does not work anymore. Especially the thoughts and questions in the head buzzing around nerves :)
  • reply - 2: I am now 5 days on Et, but do not be afraid.
    I am happy when I can finally hold my little princess in my arms. :)

  • reply - 3: Do not be afraid. Calm down. Let nature run its course. The power already. Just do not work against it. Then it will be a great birth if everything is alright.
  • reply - 4: I still have 6 weeks. But you should not and do not have fear. The more one relaxes, the easier the birth will be.
  • reply - 5: Well, you're afraid of every first time,;) because you do not know what to expect. But you can not turn off your thoughts.
  • reply - 6: do not be afraid i had my second birth mega fear mega made me crazy without end and in the end it was the most beautiful and relaxed birth of the two where I had made you do not crazy loves the time still without baby; - )
  • reply - 7: I'm trying to relax, but so wirklih I can not do that!
  • reply - 8: I expect my first child and have about 6 weeks left. I am also very excited but not afraid but rather because I can hardly wait !!!
  • reply - 9: Rejoice it's the best in the world !!!!
    No matter how the birth takes place, when you finally have your sweetheart with you, everything is forgotten. 0815 sentence, but 100% the truth. ♡
  • reply - 10: I agree with the previous speaker. No matter how it gets, in the moment where you get your baby in the arm everything is forgotten and it will be the most beautiful moment in your life 

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