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Short question? Quick answers! part 3


Here we go...


  • reply - 1: Hey!
    does anyone of you have a home remedy that inhibits contractions?
  • reply - 2: Here again: Do you mean nasal spray in the 39 ssw (only at night) is ok?
    I'm getting desperate, get through both holes no more air and pretty depressed. ..  

    @ against exercise labor has helped me super magnesium (I've taken it against calf cramps)
    Or try with a cherry stone pillow? (that only from experience reports)

  • reply - 3: Cold feet and a full bladder are said to inhibit labor. However, only for a short time.
  • reply - 4: Yes Magnesium I'm already good drinking, but I would like to try other things.
    At the moment I do not have that kind of heat at all, I feel sick when I take a too hot shower  
    Thanks for your tips 
  • reply - 5: Full bladder is already permanent state anyway 
  • reply - 6: Hello,
    Try the Emser salt nasal spray. Is pure salt water spray, so the baby can not hurt.
  • reply - 7: Nasal spray with sea salt is probably completely harmless. It should probably also be in some delivery rooms.
  • reply - 8: Sea saltwater spray I have at home. Unfortunately, for my stuffy nose absolutely useless. Not even the least relief :(

  • reply - 9: Onions help with blocked nose
  • reply - 10: That tells me my mum too .. I've heard nobody mentioned it :)
    It's just that ... disgusting 

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