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I am so excited but I can not really rejoice yet, my husband, on the other hand, is already looking forward to being a small child.


  • reply - 1: Congratulations  

    But there is already a thread on pregnancy tests 

  • reply - 2: Hello dear, I am new. Do not find my way around here.
  • reply - 3:


    and congratulations on the positive test, wish you a ball time.
    if you have questions just ask


  • reply - 4: Thanks for the nice greeting ❤️
  • reply - 5: Hello and welcome to the February 17 club. Congratulations on the pregnancy!
    Since we already have a contribution for scsh pregnancy tests here http://www.babycenter.de/thread/276657/schwangerschaftstests, I conclude this post.
    All the best :-)

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