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I have a question about the cost.
I was on my own initiative without referral from the FA for the first trimester screening (neck pleat measurement and further sonographic examination). I am privately insured about the Debeka.
Now I got the bill. On the HP cost is about 180, - €. Since I am (theoretically) privately insured, I have now received an invoice, as I usually submit to the insurance. With factors between 1.8 and 2.3 and the invoice amount is accordingly "inflated" to 360, -. The insurance will not play any role, but then I have to use without the private insurance (quasi as a private person) to pay the high amount?
How about the same situation with someone who insures the law on their own request? Do you only pay 180, -?

Maybe someone can tell me about my own experiences.


  • reply - 1: As it is with private insurance, I can not tell you unfortunately. As a legal insured I paid 155 euros.
  • reply - 2: Okay .... So you are insured by law, but you have to take over yourself, because there was no transfer.
    And then you paid the 155, - out of pocket?
  • reply - 3: I think that the prices each designed as he wants. I also paid out of my own pocket almost 130 €. Am also legally insured.
  • reply - 4: As soon as you state that you have a private additional insurance you will be charged differently ...! That means it does not matter if you're a self-insured ... the billing between doctor and cash is always another percentage rate ... between doctor and additional insurance another percentage is calculated ... Ie you have to send this bill now your private transfer and hope that it is included in your performance, if not you have to pay yourself unfortunately ... if you had not mentioned your additional insurance would be with the
    billed the set and you would have paid the 155 ¬ ... I hope I could help you :)
  • reply - 5: The gynecologist makes even the ultrasound screenings 1x in every trimester mostly middle / end of the trimester. Why did not you wait until he does it?
  • reply - 6:

    So I would have paid 180 € to the specialist in the prenatal center as a legally insured without a transfer. On request, the additional blood sample i. H. v. 34 €. Would have been € 210 together. Then it is like this, if you go to such a doctor without a referral, this doctor will charge you the enlightenment - that would be in my case with the second doctor 84 €, because otherwise your gynecologist already takes over.

    That makes roughly € 300. Now you should have a look, this education of the doctor is unfortunately individual, since everyone can take what he wants and if he has then set at you nor the levy rate of 2.3 or higher, that can already get there.

  • reply - 7: it's also about the NFM :)
  • reply - 8: 300 € ??? Is the madness
  • reply - 9: I would have paid without a transfer well 180 EUR, legally insured. But there was a transfer for the included genetic counseling, which is why I paid about 50 EUR less.
  • reply - 10: This is not supplementary insurance, as I understand it, but it is voluntary compulsory insurance.

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