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1. Pregnancy Test Joy or Shock ??


Do you already know the new trend on youtube, in which couples record on video, how they do their first pregnancy test and are happy together? Vlt. Everyone likes to tell their personal story, how you experienced the moment and if it was more of a "shock" or if you were already impatiently looking forward to this moment.


  • reply - 1: I start briefly. I dropped the pill in April and frankly did not expect to get pregnant that fast ... At the beginning of September we wanted to fly to Morocco and have booked shortly before. I had a totally irregular cycle anyway and thought nothing of it when I was overdue again. So at the end of August again been in the travel agency, everything paid and confirmed and full of anticipation on the holiday home. I can not say why, but somehow out of pure intuition I did a pregnancy test. I just wanted to throw the strip away, when I saw that there were two stripes ... I thought so, no one can not be. Did not drink much today and my urine was certainly too concentrated ...; p
    So next test the next morning -> positive !! Another test in the evening -> positive !! Only then I could somehow realize so slow, but I'm not really happy, because you did not really know if it is right, etc .. then the 2 longest weeks of my life waiting for the gyn-appointment and full heart palpitations went there ... and behold, everything has been confirmed and everything is fine. Only from that point on we could really rejoice and are overjoyed !!! : o) By the way, we did not fly to Morocco; o)
  • reply - 2: Oh yes that was one day: P
    We had the pill discontinued a month before and wanted to let that come to us. My fa said then I would have to adjust to a longer time to stabilize my cycle because I previously had a hormonal disorder. That I was overdue, I also did not notice right. My friend pointed out to me in the evening and asked when I would have to get my days. He then bought a sstest next morning which was then positive.
    At first I was a bit shocked because I never expected that would go so fast. I also had some doubts whether it was the right decision but now we both look forward to our dwarf;)
  • reply - 3: With us hats also worked in the first exercise cycle.
    Had a test made directly after the first day of absence and was already disappointed. When after a week still nothing came, we have one more and lo and behold: two red stripes. Were a bit overwhelmed first and I called a friend and asked if he is really positive :-) Although she assured me that it does not matter what intensity the color of the strip, we have the next day again a digital Test bought and there then stands black on white :-)
    It was great!!!!
  • reply - 4: So my story does not sound as great as yours,
    I had a premature birth on 28.03.12 in the 23rd week .. After that I did not want a child until I had processed everything correctly! Then in April again with the pill started this time another (incidentally have epilepsy and take pills against it) but also had an irregular cycle and then in July, I noticed that I did not get my period .. Have with my fiancé over it clearly said the test the next day and yes what was positive! At the moment I'm scared, joy, sadness and happiness all in one it was funny but after a while I was really happy but took a while. Not because it was unplanned but because I was still afraid because of the history!
    I hope that everything will be different than the first time :) I believe in them and I am very happy to hold my little one in my arms <3
    I wish you all dear: *
  • reply - 5: So with me it was like this:
    I sold the pill in January of this year, because after 13 years of taking it I somehow could not handle it anymore. Then I switched to the symptothermal method with temperature measurement and cervical mucus observation. It worked great, but then we went on vacation and I forgot the thermometer in the car, because we arrived at night and did not unload yet, but fell into bed. Well. Of course, the car was in the sun the next day and my thermometer was over. We then decided to be careful and have relied on my experience, at the same time accepting our desired child but if I may say so, since we had planned anyway, but only in early 2012. One evening was sooooo a romantic Thunderstorm, we alone in the house on a mountain - we knew, it would be a bit crystal clear, but we let it arrive. I knew afterwards that I was pregnant. Yes, supposedly not possible, but I just knew it. I then waited extra until the 30th day was over, although I am more of the 28 day type and am on a Friday evening still ran into the pharmacy. At this time I was a university technician in Leipzig and not in Hesse, my husband, however, in our shared apartment in Hesse. But I just could not stand it anymore. There he lay in the bathroom, the test and I always sneaked around it. Saturday morning then immediately made the test and the second stroke was almost there before the comparison line. Something of pregnant
    , Did not really want to do it on the phone, but I had to call my husband. Was very happy. However, he also said that he always imagined how he reacts when I tell him and then he could not put his plan into action because I would have made it by phone. Well, next time.
    In the following week, of course, I am equal to the FA and had to first wait two weeks for an appointment. However, the lady at the reception told me, "So if the test was positive, then you can expect to be pregnant." And that's how it was.
  • reply - 6: So I had discontinued the pill since June 2011 and in early 2012 my husband and I were already frustrated that it still did not work out. I had already given up the faith and already I was overdue in February 2012. We then bought a pregnancy test and this was negative !!! I was desperate and thought that then something was wrong with me because I was overdue. The next morning, I fetched the test out of the trash can and checked it again and there was really a faint line to see. But then I kept it to myself, because this morning was very hectic, because we drove from L.A. to Las Vegas and did not have time for a new test. Arrived in Las Vegas, I have then immediately made a new test and has after 2 seconds the same clear and clearly positive. I then called my husband and just showed him the test and we were overjoyed in the arms and we were soooo happy. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage in April :( In June 2012, we are back to Germany and I am to my gynecologist for review of the scabbard, where she then found that something is probably wrong and there is something in the uterus, I should come back after my next menstruation If it was still there, I would have to undergo surgery again I was devastated I waited a week and my rule just did not want to come I just imagined The worst horror scenarios from what I have now back and I'm back to FA. I told her my symptoms and she just smirked, if we would have made a scabbard test I was shocked first, because I would not have expected so soon After the FG she did the test and after 10 minutes she came into the room beaming and said only congratulations howled and was so excited. My husband then picked me up by car and I still wanted to wait home because he was driving. He puzzled me with questions because he was worried that I had something serious. So I showed him the US picture and said "here daddy, your baby". He was so happy in spite of a car accident that had almost been built and later, despite only a black dot, he already recognized feet, arms and head. lol !!!
  • reply - 7: I sold the pill in June. Well and on 01.08. I then had a positive ssTest.
    I first tracked my temperature, which falls on the first day of the mens in the normal "non-pregnant" cycle, but it is not. Then, two days before the potential first day, I had a nausea once a day, but without vomiting.
    So I thought to myself that I should get a test ... Unfortunately, I could not wait for my husband until the evening, so I had him lying alone in front of me. Well, he showed me the second line directly. Actually, I knew it already, but somehow I was in emotional chaos. On the one hand, I was happy, because it is indeed a wish child, but on the other hand, I was there at first very perplexed (now I have to smile smoothly, when I think of my facial expression :-D) and had a slight panic.
    Have the test then put aside first and have gehibbelt how stupid, because I was looking forward to the reaction of my husband already. When my husband came home, he brought a lot of bad mood and frustration from work. Have him then tell first. Hihi and him then in a speech break the test with the words "maybe you feel better now" under the nose :-)
    He looked at it, astonished ... then he looked at me with big children's eyes and said with a big grin "we're getting a baby?"
    After that the whole frustration was forgotten and we were happy :-)
  • reply - 8: These are really great stories, can feel the moment exactly and get here reading Pippi in the eyes !!!! Really great!! I wish all of you a great time and look forward to more exciting stories !!

  • reply - 9: We now have a "wishful accident"

    I started using my old pill after my first birth last August. Stupidly, I then had continuous bleeding from spotting to proper period bleeding. Of course, that annoyed me pretty much, so I dropped off the pill after one month of taking it.
    We have then z.T. with condoms prevented (especially if ovulation was imminent). And it was clear that this was not exactly a safe contraceptive method we used, but it was clear to us that we wanted a second child and not long after the first. Well, so condoms are empty at some point and the moment is, if you already have a child, not always cheap - that evening but already. We knew it would be scarce but who dares not win

    The day before my son's first birthday, I should get my period. But nothing came. Then I did a test on his birthday, which was negative. I pushed that on the stress of the party preparations. Then 5 days later, nothing came, so I did another test, which was then positive. The joy was huge. Although it was not planned directly, we would have waited until the beginning of next year, but it was still great!
    Am only in the 9th SSW to the gynecologist because I had a precautionary appointment there anyway and I now somehow looser see that in the second SS. So you can see on the first ultrasound already arms and legs

    My husband almost died of impatience. Hehe of the arms.
    My son does not understand yet that he will be a big brother, but I think he has noticed that we are happy and has also blasted. He often strokes my stomach now and says "ei" because my husband strokes my stomach too. That's really sweet.
    There are four of us soon
  • reply - 10: It was a real patience test with us ... 4 years ago we both decided to have a baby and I dropped the pill ... we thought it would happen pretty fast, but months went by for 4 years ... but since I am only 26 this year and 25 does not take over the KK, we have this year in July had an appointment at a fertility center, have discussed everything that comes to us (where we had to swallow) and made appointments, when to come to the blood test, to test the hormone cycle ... and early August, my period was out. Since I've bought SStest in a double pack and first tested alone ... we were already often disappointed ... but he was POSITIVE, I could not let go of the test let alone turn away the look. I told my husband about it in the evening, but he was still so skeptical for so long that the FÄ confirmed it to us ... since then he kisses my stomach every day

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