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A child from my group once said:
Birthmarks are there that every mom can recognize her child :-)
Have you already discovered birthmarks in your little ones?


  • reply - 1: no, I think I have not seen any.
  • reply - 2: Lennert does not have any :)
  • reply - 3:

    Faith Birthmarks develop later and (then can add to the age of 20 or so). Anyway, Anna does not have any ......

    By the way, Wikipedia still had the following: The word "birthmark" comes from the 16th century, when it was believed that these skin changes would be caused by unfulfilled cravings of the mother during pregnancy

  • reply - 4: Luca has been under the foot for almost 2 months. But I also have a lot. I do not know how much this is going on to the kids.
  • reply - 5: kira has had a red spot on her back since birth, which looks like a small injury. I've already wondered if it might be a mother's meal. My husband has many. otherwise I did not see any at kira. But she has a big pigment spot on her thigh like my husband.
  • reply - 6: I do not belong in your group, but I know the sweet saying:
    I once had a birthmark, my mother had that :-)
  • reply - 7:
    Haha what they did not think before ... but totally interesting Andrea, thank you!
    Marie does not (yet) have any birthmarks.
  • reply - 8: When I was a kid, my mother always said "kusspunkt" to the mothers and gave me a kiss on every birthmark :) I always liked that as a child :)
    "kusspunkt" sounds better also like "birthmark" or "liver spot"
  • reply - 9: Oh this is very sweet with the kiss points, I'll steal myself smoothly - if Ronja gets birthmarks / liver spots, and I'm going out of it, because I have so many ....
  • reply - 10: So Cara does not have any, so let's see when that starts, because Mom and Dad have some!

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