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Good morning dear girls,
I have decided with my friend not to move into my city and not in his home village, but in the next VILLAGE from his home ... for me, of course, more conversions but I want him to move out and if only that I have to dare it like that.
Soooo ... my concern
First of all: I am 18 years young and am currently in the school education in which I want to achieve my college entrance in 2 years.
I'm currently in 11th grade. Secondary school diploma also successfully completed. And I'm the 13th SSW
ALSOOOO .. dear ones,

I want to ask afterwards for the ArbeitsAmt and the application for "pregnantmehrmehrbedarf" and on respective Erstausstattung. But in order to the two applications, we have a mornings ekne housing inspection in another federal state, then it must be with me today the applications to submit or only in the How does it generally work when I log in, then who else is responsible for me, do I still get the money or not from dOrt?
And what about the initial equipment for me, if I move with my partner and he earns well? ... Then I can not expect any support from the office but pay this still my Erstausstattung? ...
LG ♡


  • reply - 1: Hello :)
    I believe each state has its own regulations. Here in Baden Württemberg I wanted to take the 1000 € initial equipment, since only my friend earned and we are 140 € below the income limit. But since I still get child support until July (my little one will arrive at the beginning of August ...) we are 50 € above and therefore no longer eligible.
    Basic insurance I wanted to actually apply (had to stay at home for the first 2 years), but our apartment is too expensive according to the Office (but we are in the average Mietspiegel).
    A pregnancy more you get, I think only if you ALG 2 gets me but there can also be wrong:. If you are a student you usually get child benefit (which at least does not apply to me after the birth because my son gets and I neither do nor study) and since you are not available for the job market no Hartz IV.
    I would be in your place just wait until I'm moved and then do all this with the Office may visit Diakonie or ProFamilia.
    Good luck definitely ♡
  • reply - 2: Hello Mum,

    My husband and I are looking for a new apartment for us and our two year old daughter. At the moment we live in Ba-Wü, both of them grew up there.
    Now we are thinking of moving to another state (Lower Saxony). There we found a really fantastic apartment, which we still have to visit if we decide to move there.
    My husband would move away immediately. I am still undecided.
    Our families live in Ba-Wü, there we have nobody, nobody knows. We would have to search for new jobs. You do not know what to expect ... but you can gain new experiences, visit the family at festivals, or the families us. There, the price / performance ratio of the real estate are better / cheaper.
    Our daughter has no friends here, from whom she would have to part.
    If we do not like it at all, we could eventually go back, which would be stupid if our daughter got used to it.
    It is about 6 hours drive away from our current residence.
    I'm also scared of what my parents will say about it.
    And especially it would be so in 2 or 3 months so far.
    My husband would not come after 3 months later.

    Do you have experiences, tips with moves to another state?

  • reply - 3: Huhu dear mother ♡
    Well, I feel the same way right now ... I do not know how it's going to be either. But honestly. I feel the same way as you do right now. With me, however, only my 1st child comes. I also have big concerns. But in the end it is a matter of the heart, as everyone speaks. But you do not want to hurt anyone.
    I am also very uncertain. We would move from Thuringia to Saxony-Anhalt. It supposedly also mitsichbringen many disadvantages. Because, the whole Ummeldungen, you have no one, must get to know everything new. I would also stand alone if my partnet in layers works ..
    But so too. But we women are just open and open-minded. But I will decide. Even if this would be my first apartment ... and think your 2nd or 3rd apartment?
    Just try it. You can always pull back, if you do not like it again and again .... How old is YOUR child? You can find friends everywhere ... ♡
  • reply - 4: Thanks for the answer.
    Yes, in the beginning, of course, a lot of stress would come on one with the move and the Ummeldungen etc.
    I have to sleep over it for a few more nights and worry about it and I also want to talk to my mom about it. I'm kind of scared of talking ... it feels like I'm leaving my family (parents and my sister) in the lurch when we move away. And my daughter is the first grandchild ... but basically my husband, our daughter and I are the nuclear family. And we have to decide what works best for us without paying attention to the rest of the family. But that's one of the biggest things I doubt. Then comes the search for a new job ... which will probably not be difficult for me. As an educator you can almost always find something.

    My daughter was 2 years old in May and has been in the crib for a month now. And I've been working for him since then. So for the little mouse this would be a rehabilitation too ..

    It would be my 4 move..but otherwise it would always hook in the same environment, just a few places away. And this time it would be a distance of about 600km.

    We just have to talk about everything again and in the end listen to our heart.

    Dear Baby_Mommy1 I wish you all the best for the move, if you decide for it and when it's time for a beautiful birth and a wonderful time with your crumbs :)

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