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Children photos on the Internet - How do you deal with it?


I myself am an August 2014 mom and since that moment mostly quiet fellow reader here. And because there are so many experienced mommies on the way, I wanted to ask you to share your experiences with my research project on children's photos taking place at the University of Bamberg. The survey takes about 5-10 minutes and of all completed questionnaires will be a small thank you gifted a 20 Euro voucher from Jako-o. More information can be found on the homepage of the survey under the following link: It would be really great if you help me with your experience and you are welcome to forward the survey link to other parents! All information will be strictly confidential, anonymised and used purely for the mentioned research project!


  • reply - 1: Oh well, I thought here someone writes that personally interested.
    It would be very interesting how others handle it.
  • reply - 2: Of my children, there are no pictures on the net - not here. Except on holiday, if z.b. A hotel from a children's event a picture shows where many are on it. But you do not know who he is.
  • reply - 3: I handle similar. You can see my daughter on two photos in the FB from behind and in a photo her and my feet in the sea. Even with whatsapp the profile photo etc etc. Photos where we are linked to FB, where by chance our daughter is on it, we ask the people concerned, that they take out again.
  • reply - 4: Of my children, there are no pictures on the net, even in group pictures. I am neither on Facebook nor on twitter & co. logged in and would never post pictures. I have also forbidden friends and relatives from posting pictures of my children on the net.

    I hope that I can educate my children into conscious media users who can weigh all the consequences of their media behavior. In my opinion, private pictures have nothing to look for on the internet. If I want to send someone a picture, then only to people who use "signal" like me. But mostly I wait until I see this person.

    I think it's way too naïve to deal with pictures and / or videos of kids on the net. You also have the right to your own picture.

  • reply - 5: Vll lets us share the TE with her results.

    Would be nice anyway, if one or the other takes part in the survey. :)

  • reply - 6: Hm so if I'm posting pictures on Instagram then you never see faces of the kids. You can not see where exactly we live. On Whatsapp I have only family and close friends because it is sausage. My clan lives far away so I always send pictures there.
  • reply - 7: I also have neither facebook nor instagram, twitter ... on the idea to forbid others to publish pictures of my little one, I honestly have not come yet.
    I just trust that they will not do that. I would never do that without permission.
    I honestly do not even know many, if they even post pictures there.

    Have only a few times pictures posted here in the babycenter, but only in September 2013 Babyclub in picture galleries.
    On my whats-app profile pictures that only family and friends can see, she is also often seen. That's what most kids do.

  • reply - 8: So with WhatsApp it was at least the problem that you can basically have people in their list who have ever saved your number. So also old bosses or craftsmen or knows the cuckoo. In the meantime one can adjust fortunately that only the people can see you there, which are stored also with you (or something like that).
    On Facebook and other platforms, I find it problematic that when uploading basically all rights to the image and at least theoretically everyone can continue to use them. Therefore, there are no more pictures on the net ...
  • reply - 9: Achso, I have to think about it now synonymous because our day's dad (who opened his facility at the beginning of the year) has recently taken pictures of the children and wants to use this for his homepage. The pictures have become really beautiful and document the everyday life in his forest facility. But there are also many portraits and my son is very clear on it. How would you handle it? Only allow the group pictures (or where he is not clearly visible)? Agree, as long as the name is not there? Homepage yes, but Facebook no? That would be so many variants that would come to my mind.
  • reply - 10: Since Whatsapp also belongs to Facebook, I would only send pictures in exceptional cases.

    I would forbid the Daily Papa to publish pictures of my child. On the homepage these can be copied by everyone, if not directly then by NEN screenshot.

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