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Hello everybody, I'm really new here. My experiences are still fresh and still very deep. I was so happy with my husband when we tested positive on 6/6/14. I did not believe the test because I have directly made two more afterwards all with the same result. Me or we were so happy. We still wanted to wait to go to the gynecologist because I had to work things out first. Everything was good until Saturday, 26.04.14 because pain and bleeding started. We drove straight to the KH after the grandmother had taken over the babysitter for our big one. Since the ultrasound was made directly in the hospital and they said there are no heart sounds yet. But that is still common in the early stages. They kept me there with a tight bed rest and I kept to it. I took the prescribed Urogest capsules and on Sunday evening it was funny. On Monday at the morning visit I said that to the doctor. This was followed directly by the ultrasound. With the sobering result my child died at night. I was quickly prepared for the operation - as I thought the faster the sooner I came from the KH with all the happy parents. I begrudge them their happiness just for me and my husband was very hard to digest. So they prepared me for the surgery and gave me a suppository which dilated the cervix - which I did not know that he causes labor-like symptoms. There I lay with my pain and no one in my room and my husband on the way to me. I rang after about 30 minutes of pain but after a sister who then quickly got my doctor. She had an infusion directly against it as she told me the pain. The infusion was on and I realized how my grief disappeared behind a veil of fog. I wanted to cry but I lacked the strength. The time to intervene was creeping like an eternity. At last the nurse came and took me to the operating room. I do not remember the rest anymore. Only my dear sisters took me to my room where my husband stood me lightly smiling and said "good honey, we can do it". The main thing you're fine. Yes, I had married exactly this man who even in the worst time finds comforting words. Together we waited until I could get up again and packed my things together. The sisters I once again said good words for their love work that you do every day, even if it is very sad sometimes. You have to say that I'm a sister myself and how hard the job can be. As we meet again we said goodbye. My gynecologist works very well the next day well he says it is unfortunately sad everyday life. Now home and sick I talk a lot with my child about it and my husband. It helps with processing. And when it gets really bad, I'll close my eyes and console myself with the thought that we will see each other again in heaven and that my little star is waiting for us until our time comes. It got a place in the garden in the form of a tree and a picture on my wall where my other baby is already hanging. I hope more mothers write down their experiences. It helped me scary to write all this here.


  • reply - 1: I am also a star mermaid, I can understand you very well
  • reply - 2: It will be bearable! For me, the loss of our Pünktchens on Sunday already a month ago!

    I hid in the apartment for a while!

    I was then to overcome mourning at my Heilpraktikerkerin .... Midwives called that too!

    After almost two weeks einigeln she has ordered me to go back to people! And it did so well .... I talk a lot about the loss of my baby (of course only with selected people) ... that helps me a lot!

    My sister was there with her son lately, she was dying after she had watched me with him a little bit: You'll be a great mum!

    That was nice!

    i can look after other babies and pregnant women and be happy for the others!

    I think important is talking
    .... talk ... talk!

    And never stop dreaming about the future!

    I push all who had to go through the same!

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  • reply - 3: Thank you for your kind words. We try not to hang so much because of our daughter. But whenever she's outside, sadness gets you.
  • reply - 4: Hello. I know how hard that is. I am very sorry for you. Also we have experienced something like that and I would also like to describe my experience here:

    On 20.11.2013 I tested positive. My partner and I were overjoyed. One has to say that I tried to have a baby with my ex-husband for 8 years and it did not work out. At that time, I was told that I would probably never be able to have a child in the normal way. My ex-husband has blamed me for our childlessness, which put a lot of strain on me. I wish so much a child too. At the beginning of 2011, I learned that he was cheating on me - the result was the separation.
    In November 2012, I met my current partner - and lo and behold: new man, happy, pregnant! This feeling of having a baby was the best experience for me. I felt good! In between, I had the slightest spotting, but everything was fine!
    On Christmas Day 2013, periodic bleeding suddenly started. We went to the hospital immediately. An ultrasound was made. The heartbeats of our baby were irregular and the gyn said I should stay because he saw a threatened miscarriage. We were devastated.
    That meant for me: bed rest, Utrogest and wait. The night went smoothly and the next morning an ultrasound was made to see what our little crumb is doing. And lo and behold: strong, regular heart sounds - everything was good. I cried with happiness. I stayed in the hospital for 4 days. Our baby and I were fine, the bleeding had stopped. On 30.12.13 I should be released. On this day my 11th SSW began.
    The final examination found that our baby was no longer alive. We were devastated and stunned. Everything was fine! Since I had no bleeding and pain, they decided to make the scraping on 02.01.14 -> I was not sober anymore, next day New Year's Eve, January 1st etc.
    So we drove home first and celebrated the next day in a small circle with our best friends New Year's Eve. With a very nice rocket we sent our baby to the stars!
    When we got home at 2:30 am I had severe abdominal pain and 10 minutes later I started bleeding heavily. We drove straight to the KH and at 3:30 am I was in the operating theater and got my scraping.
    I only cried on the 1st and 2nd of January. Again and again I wondered why our baby had to die. I still had to take an antibiotic because my white blood cells were greatly elevated after surgery and you feared an inflammation caused by our baby. A few days later, I learned that I got an infection from the bleeding on Christmas Day and that's why our baby died. Hence the high levels of inflammation.
    Now we are fine again. We packed everything very well and have been trying to get pregnant again since April. I really hope it will work again and we will soon have a healthy baby in our arms. I wish all of you something like that. have experienced a lot of strength and confidence and above all a strong partner at the side! Mine was just great at this time and a great support for me!
    For that I am very grateful that I now have such a great man by my side.


  • reply - 5: Hello !!!
    I too would like to join in here.
    Three weeks ago it was discovered that my baby is no longer alive. I was the end of the 11th Ssw and had absolutely no indication that something was wrong. During the routine examination it was determined that heart does not beat anymore. For my darling and me a world is broken together. On 14.04. then was the as. Last monday i got the result of the investigation. My baby was probably already dead a few days. There were only a few tissue remnants and thus could not be said more about what it was that it just died.
    We now have a small commemorative place with us in the garden under our cherry tree, which we bought in pregnancy.
  • reply - 6: Our place
  • reply - 7: Yes, we also have something nice in mind. For it was and still has been part of the family. I realize that it gets better every day. Only when I'm alone will it still be bad. At the moment still ill written I try to distract myself. Tomorrow I have to follow-up and have to say I said today at the doctor what's wrong. I still have bleeding and pain. The bleeding varies greatly - first I thought wow cycle normalized quickly. But when that came the unpleasant discharge I knew I must have an inflammation. Unfortunately, today I had no car to drive to the doctor. Well, see you tomorrow, I'm smarter.
  • reply - 8: Hello jule 20041!
    This place is really soothing and we are there every day.
    I hope it is nothing bad with you !!
  • reply - 9: Hello my dears!

    @ my starchen2014: You have made something very nice to be close to your star. I like it very much. We always look in between the last ultrasound image. It also gives me the feeling of being close to our little crumb.

    @ Jule20041: For me it was also better with time. I'm fine today. But there is hardly a day when you do not think about the little crumb. That is but I think just important. As you said, it was and is part of the family!
    I hope that your discomfort will soon subside and you have no inflammation. Otherwise, I wish you that she is treated quickly and effectively. I cross my fingers for you!

    LG to you

  • reply - 10: The last ultrasound picture we did not get anymore and what we had was where our star was just 2mm. However, we have buried the picture with there because it especially hurt my sweetheart to see it again and again.

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