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my little one has just turned 3 in kindergarten. Ever since the holiday started, it has often started without any reason for other children: pulling hair, pushing, face and eyes, big or small. do not know why she knows exactly she must not do this she has to hold on to stop her she must apologize we go away from the playground ... it is always very fast and without reason. Is that just a phase? does anyone know that? what will they say in kindergarten? send home?


  • reply - 1: That's just a phase, mine had too.

    So went 6 months, like each phase, until they learn that one does not and is allowed to do so.

    Of course you have to tell them and teach them. (but without violence)

    In the KG they are not sent home, they learn there that you can not beat. (Social behavior)

    So calm blood it's over again.

  • reply - 2: This is just a phase, my son is 5 years and last months I myself have experienced these problems !!, In the kindergarten children are punished and learn whether push, beat ... are not good. I also think that as parents we should still use limit for our KIND. Then learn the .... (often in the KINDERGARTEN get children seat because of pushing, sand in the face and eyes throw, etc.)
    Please excuse me if I have not written German grammar, I am not German.


  • reply - 3: Hello!
    Just ask in kindergarten how the educators react to such behavior.Then you can go through this at home as well. If the same rules apply everywhere and the same consequences apply, this will be over quickly. Other kids do that too.
    Julian once bit. Twice, once in the kindergarten and once at home, then never again. There was a break on the chair in the hallway. that was just before the Christmas break. Santa Claus had picked up the car he had brought and on Christmas, after Julian was good again, the Christ Child brought it back.
    At the moment we are still using a traffic light. When a tantrum sets in, I set it to yellow. Mostly he calms down immediately. If not, it blushes, he has to take a break in the room. When he calms down, he can turn it green again after I've finished his break.
    That happens at the moment when it's a lot, once a week.
    So we're doing pretty well with it.
    But this is not a panacea, everyone has to find out for themselves.

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