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Hello dear Juli-mamas, have a question: at the last doctor's appointment 26.ssw the doctor has found that my little is already in birth position, i. Already upside down. I was very surprised, because I actually assumed that at the early stage this has no relevance. But the doctor said that it would be a good sign and he will most likely not turn up completely again. Do you have experience with it? Would be interesting to know if you have ever seen the mark someone in the ss and the baby then really so long remain so? Many greetings & thanks in advance


  • reply - 1: Hello, it is my first SS, so no experience but also my little is already since the 16th week, so deep and would like to come out there so far not synonymous.
  • reply - 2: It is my 2 child therefore I can tell you from my experience; my first son was from the 24 ssw in the correct birth position ie. Head down. Has not turned since that synonymous. Nevertheless, I had an emergency cut 4 days before the Et. Although it is good that the children are "right" but you still do not get a 100% certainty that the baby comes on the natural way to the world. Was unfortunately the case for me because of complications.
  • reply - 3: So when I was on the 13th to the enemy diagnostics, Knirpsi was already like that. The doctor has nothing to say about it. If he still lies like that, I would not say now, since I will go back to the US next Monday. I'll let you know ;-)
  • reply - 4: My lay right from the 24th.

    My sister was lying around all the time and was still shooting just before the birth. But I think that is the exception.

  • reply - 5: Mine did not care what they are like now, they turn around a few times until they give birth. But mine is always the same. In a corner, it looks like he's totally hemmed in there.
  • reply - 6: Our dwarf lies since the 24.SSW in BEL ...
    Let's see if he turns again; it has no meaning for the birth because it is a caesarean section ...
  • reply - 7: On my 1 ss my little one was also on the 16 Ssw in this position and so she was also born without any problems. You can only keep your fingers crossed that the dwarfs stay that way
  • reply - 8: My son, after the 34.ssw turned into the BEL. Unfortunately only in the 37.ssw found.
  • reply - 9: In my first ss the little one from the 20 ssw lsg right and stayed that way. I had very strong senkwehen so that they had already completely sealed the basin from the 35 ssw and the mother's mouth was already there almost 2 cm open.
    My mouse is now since the 18 ssw is already right on Thursdays in the 26 ssw
  • reply - 10: My shot at 25 + 5 in BEL - before that she always lay with her head down. Well, she'll have her reason;)

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