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Pinching while breastfeeding


Hello, still-breasted,

I have recently also a slightly painful problem and although my little one (8 months) likes to play with the breast while breastfeeding. She 'talks' to her, and when she's asleep, she likes to knead and pinch her pretty well.
I've already offered her fingers, blanket, hand and arm, she does not want to, always chest ... Although one hand funny, on the other hand hurts. Do you have a tip, what I can give her as a substitute for 'squish', which is also pollutant-free?


  • reply - 1: cuddly animals work with us sometimes times less. I always take her hand away and push her elsewhere.
  • reply - 2: I think you will not find a substitute for yourself! I tell my mouse if it gets too much for me, that I do not like it because it hurts me, or if it has to be, I say loud and strict no!
  • reply - 3: I thank you for your answers, I'll try stuffed animals and see if, if that does not work, she understands no: -o

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