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Financial support for families, couples or expectant moms with low income


Hello my dears.
I would like to give you some advice, as long as you belong to the groupings belonging to the title.

And I was positively surprised today and I was very happy. Today, I had an appointment with a body that distributes foundation funds to makeshift women, couples, and families when in financial need. In addition, the employee was very nice and I could pour out my heart, as it is under secrecy.

My husband does not earn much in the gastro. Despite tax code 3 and a child on the income tax card, it is "only" around 1600 € net. In addition there is child benefit from our first born (2016, which is cared for by me at home, therefore only one salary, in addition pregnant). I know that we are not rich, but with this income we are well below the permit limit and will therefore receive a one-time 600 € donation. And that's a lot for the beginning, especially for initial equipment!

I would like to encourage you to just let yourself be advised and maybe you have something too ?!

We are very glad that there is the Federal Foundation and would like to see that many of them benefit!

I hope that was fine and wish you a nice day. :)


  • reply - 1: As a small info, you can apply for this money z.b at Caritas or Diakonie.

  • reply - 2: In Switzerland, I can recommend the Family Aid Foundation:
    I've done the tax audit there before and that's a very reliable organization that does a lot of good. I always donate something to Mother's Day to this org.

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