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Still problem-lazy drinker weight stagnates



My son is now 12 days old. He came by Notkaisetschnitt and infant infection. 6 days KH and now a week at home. Our midwife was not satisfied today. For 4 days, the weight stagnates, whereby he has increased today to 40g. Our problem, the little boy drinks very lazy at the breast and does not get enough. We tried a lot with feeding on the Stillhütchen ... That brought us no further. Since yesterday he still gets pumped milk over the bottle. Well, that worked great yesterday. Today my son is but sxhlapp, sleeps almost only (he does from the beginning) and is really hard to wake up. The midwife found him too weak, so we go to the children's ambulatory and the doctor says that everything is fine, the little one is allowed to sleep as much as he wants and that to birth weight ... only then would the reflexes be so important. He should put on something more because he is pretty cool. But I really fight with the wake up every three hours ... and then it dawns on my chest right away. I am already in despair. He usually takes the bottle more actively. The doctor just called it lazy.
Has or had someone similar problems? A child with a ghastly prehistory may simply need sleep and lack the strength to drink?
I'm probably more worried than necessary, but it's my first child. I could not forgive myself mistakes. I only cry because I do not know if I'm doing everything right and feel so overwhelmed. It has to go uphill.


  • reply - 1: Just as you describe how your midwife has done so far, I would look for a breastfeeding consultant as soon as possible! Still hats with a drink-poor, few days old baby can not go well. On the one hand, because breastfeeding with still hats costs a lot more strength and, on the other hand, because the baby can get a sucking mess. By the way, also from the bottle. Maybe that's the problem right now. Mine had that too, but fortunately got it under control again. Unfortunately, midwives are not always the best advisors when it comes to breastfeeding, even if they expect it.

    And then there's the thing with your emotions. The birth and the time afterwards were obviously difficult. Look well to you, not that all the stress is still postpartum depression.

  • reply - 2: There are many different opinions on the subject. Mine was the same and we got it with a lot of patience under control. Especially when your little one is so tired and it stagnates with the weight for so long, I think it is also right that you pump after breastfeeding and feed. Even if the objections of Biskotte are quite correct. You have to listen to your feelings. Because if the increase is permanently wrong, it can lead to problems.
    You do not necessarily feed after every meal, but in between, it's right. You notice, if he then takes the bottle like that, he is still hungry. He just sucks on it, get away with it ...
    I also had nursing hats, because my first slept for so long, then animal hunger, that he has just roared and therefore did not dock properly, which again led to frustration. No problem with hats.
    When I breastfeed, I often took it off and rubbed my legs off with a damp cloth because it got really hot through the excitement and cuddly warms it's better to fall asleep again. When changing from left to right, I wrapped in between ... Massaging your arms, legs and back can also help to keep the child awake, but in the whole action, you have to see if the child is not getting too excited (that was him the first days in the KH too much, later home it only helped, if I put it off my arm, that also woke him well).
    My Hebi has said about weight gain, 10gr a day and 140gr a week ...
  • reply - 3: Well he was already fed in the KH because I was not allowed to see him for the first 2 days and after that he did not take his breast. That's why it came in KH already to these measures.
    Without feeding it is not possible - we have tried that - because he breaks down.

    Today he was already a lot of fitter- I just hope that he gets the power with more weight.

    For silence confusion - we know that. Only the child has to stay healthy.

  • reply - 4: Absolutely, health is going on and we did it that way. It's really nerve-wracking, but it's worth it to stay tuned.
    A problem for me and especially for my husband was the long time spent on breastfeeding, pumping and feeding. But it is a good exercise for all the things that are coming, which you have also imagined differently ;-)
  • reply - 5: Hello Selena,
    I know your question has been a while, but I'm in the same situation right now.
    Weight stagnates, daughter too "lazy" to drink, feed, pump, breastfeeding (because of very sore nipples), tears ...
    How did you get out? Did you increase your milk to make it enough? Continue to be fed? Weaned?
    If you're in the middle of it, it's hard to see the light on the horizon, so I'd be happy if you could write an update.
  • reply - 6: I thought I write an update myself as it has gone on with us.
    Thanks to a wonderful lactation consultant, who accompanied me and because I had the pressure to "have to" to have to have complete breastfeeding, my daughter and I have found a way together as "eating" and growing works for us without fear.
    First, it took us a few days to get her breasts back. In addition I got a special sucker, which does not simply flow (Myo-Sauger of DAAL, can be obtained only over specialists or physicians). Then there was first the chest and then the bottle with pumped milk or pre-food as needed. Pumps was not after the clock, but only when the breasts are stretched.
    I had to relearn my daughter to trust that she will contact if she is hungry, instead of wanting to wake her.
    The comment of a midwife that certain babies just give up when they have gotten too little has made me very broken. Maybe that was true for the first week, but not afterwards, only I could not see it.

    The last few days 60-120ml reached us in 24 hours and yesterday she did not need a bottle anymore. But it is still Mumi and PRE ready, if they still need something extra.

    My advice:
    - Get professional help from someone who makes you feel good, who listens to you and does not just teach you patent remedies.
    - Trust yourself and your child. Only you two can make your breastfeeding relationship.
    - Pressure and fear breaks many things and inhibits the milk. Something beautiful becomes a compulsion and a struggle against each other instead of a togetherness.
    - It does not matter what your baby eats, even vial-giving can be beautiful and done with a lot of closeness.

    Hopefully that gives hope to those who are faced with the same concerns.
    My lactation consultant said that after her years of experience, almost every breastfeeding relationship takes 4-8 weeks to function. So even if it seems endless at the moment, it will eventually clarify how the common nutritional path with the baby will look like.

  • reply - 7: Thank you for your constructive words.

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