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Moved or 2. ES? Or approach dead?


Hello everybody,
have a question and would like to have your opinion.
Here are the facts, cycle relatively stable at about 29 sometimes 31 days. In the previous 3 cycles no ES, therefore stimulated in this cycle with Clomi.

Last period on 01.12.2011, on 12. + 15.12. FA "probably no ES",
on 16.12. OVU (Clearblue) positive, 17.12. SEX, it fits so far. At the
6.1. and 11.1. SS test positive.

Was this week on 19.1. in the FA and the approach has seen (4SSW + 4), but actually it should have been 6 + 6.

That It should have been at 4 + 4 about 01.01.12 (2 weeks postponed) and
we also had GV on the 24. + 25. + 26.12 and the sperm like that
surviving a long time is unlikely.

What do you mean, 2. ES so pregnant, or rather at 4 + 4
dead? Or would I have had bleeding then. Next appointment only
in 2 weeks (due to heart tones). I do not know if I can wait that long.

Thank you for your help


  • reply - 1: The exact day of the ES can not be said so exactly and you also do not know when the egg has been fertilized. I would have to be the first time at the FA purely arithmetically, but from what they could see was not yet so far. Meanwhile, I am at 31 + 2, so do not be crazy, keep your fingers crossed!

  • reply - 2: Do not go crazy with the billing please! I did not know when my last son was when my last period and otherwise nothing really fit together at the appointments. Usually that gives you some confusion. WITH the et, but that's it. Died would have told you the f immediately. I am purely arithmetically synonymous s.einer completely impossible appointment ss become. The child was nevertheless born healthy. Turn away a bit and do not worry so many times.
  • reply - 3: Hi, the ES you know as I said badly accurate ..... But you know when you had sex ..... the skin in mathematical terms, yes, at least already something like that)
  • reply - 4: I join in. Do not worry. By calculation, I would be synonymous with 24 + 3, according to my little size but I am only at 21 + 2. Is not that tragic. They come anyway when they want and they do not stick to growth charts either. I'll definitely keep my fingers crossed that everything is fine and you will get a healthy baby!
  • reply - 5: I was also postponed everything, I had a serious car accident and due to anesthesia and annoyance, my cycle was totally postponed and confused then I was pregnant the first time after the KKH although it should be there again shortly before the period I would have according to the normal calculation synonymous two weeks or so to be so it plays a lot of things a factor so wait and see it will be all right.

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