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Your favorite books for children to read aloud and watch


I hope that does not fall into the shopping or toy thread.
I would like to have here gradually a collection of children's books, with a short description or why you like them.

I always read my little while breastfeeding always before. Of course there are books that are not for his age and he will not understand the content but he hears my voice and many words.

Currently we "read" the little witch. After that I'm planning Ronja Räuber daughter and Pippi Longstocking. Search like other similar stories. Happy with a boy as a hero.

Otherwise, I am currently an absolute fan of Joelle Tourlonias. She is such a great illustrator. (Googling and marveling at her drawings)

If you find the idea of ​​a "book collection" stupid, postpone the post, but think that otherwise it will quickly disappear among the other things.


  • reply - 1: I find a great idea ❤️I love children's books and can then malnunsere favorites let you participate in my Grosen:

    ,, the owl with the bump ,,

    "how little animals go to sleep,"

    "little bunny, fall asleep,"

    all books of why, why, why?

    Sadmannchen's good night storybook collection

  • reply - 2: Here again a list of me with simply great illustrated books and / or great content (previously tested only as adults ;-). unfortunately, the books with 13-20 € expensive and hardly used or not cheaper)

    * Mole town (over Mole who first has a hill and then come more and more ... Will big city and nature less)
    * Lindbergh (mouse builds plane to emigrate to friends)
    * Armstrong (mouse flies to the moon)

    * I am a tiger
    * We two belong together
    * The biggest treasure in the world
    * Somehow different
    * Bumblebee Bommel
    * Good night gorilla (only pictures without text)

  • reply - 3: For my son the grüffelo has been a must every day for a year! Dad I need you we gave my husband for Father's Day is also very high in the race. Lars the little polar bear anyway. Caterpillar Nimmersatt, small bear and big bear, etc ... I love children's books, my mom and sister are both educators and provide me with it well great thread :)
  • reply - 4: Matilda likes the story of the little spider Disgusting. Super cute written. 
  • reply - 5: So what is always very well with me in the daycare is the caterpillar Nimmersatt, because it is so easy, without a lot of text and you can still do so much with it. Best with CD. Not only did we have to read aloud but also perform, dance, shadow theater and so on  .
    The little spider disgusting is great too, since so many are afraid of spiders.
    I like books like the little one and the big one, because it conveys such an important message.
    Otherwise, the Kamishibai is totally the hit with stories like the thick pancake.
    The traditional fairytale stories, of course, too 
  • reply - 6: Books I liked as a kid:

    The Rainbow Fish, Badger with Glasses, The Little Witch, The Little Ghost, Caterpillar Nimmersatt, Max and Moritz, Pixi Books, Mathilda Mouse and Peter Rabbit (in the last two I'm not sure if they are so hot)

  • reply - 7: The little lamb is just announced here. The little cat was my favorite book as a kid. Then we still have a book from the mail shot from the show with the mouse and a song book, where you can play the melodies by pressing a button. Louis likes that too ...
  • reply - 8: We already have a few books. Janosch belongs to absolutely every nursery and helmets Heine for me.

    I've bought every book before. EBay, sometimes a flea market.

    As a child, I always loved the books by Christine Nöstlinger "Franz".
    But Mona really does not care if you read to her, prefer to squeeze her.

  • reply - 9: Classics: Where the wild guys live, otherwise everything from Axel Scheffler and Julia Donaldson (the Grüffelo authors). By the way: texts that rhyme are great for language development. Our Big One (26 months) says some books by the pass already by heart 
  • reply - 10: i can highly recommend michael end! work with children u young people u have loved his stories ... and even the reader has something of it! But is for a little older children, guess so from 8 years! For now we have a fabulous book, 365 good tales and the classic fairy tales! where I find many really brutal! Christine Nöstlinger is always the hit, especially because she is so cool!
    think the thread is great, thanks for that!

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