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To please the expectant dad


Hello April mum,
My husband is doing a lot for me now during pregnancy. Especially since I am sick because of a pelvic ring loosening and lying here mainly like a whale.
I would like to give him pleasure. Do you have any plans or ideas?


  • reply - 1: Hi this is a good idea ... I think about it all the time what I can give my husband as a thank-you but I can not think of anything really ...
  • reply - 2: I had planned to take pictures of the baby belly again! Had fit so well, because the expectant dad just before ET also has a birthday ... But unfortunately, our mouse does not play there and we expect every day that it starts or the doctors decide to get them. ..
  • reply - 3: So I have already given my husband a picture with baby bump, which he liked a lot, has placed in the bedroom first, then later in the matching frame on the wall. In addition, I gave him a fancy shirt and without a reason another time a perfume.
  • reply - 4: Oh yes, I'm looking for suggestions, I'm always very unimaginative in something: p
  • reply - 5: Mhm ... that's really a great idea!
    My husband also cares a lot !!! Must also say that he is at home a lot because of bad weather at the moment.
    I just thought maybe something that makes men fun ... carting, football cards or something! It does not necessarily have anything to do with the baby, is it?!?
    I am also open for suggestions!

  • reply - 6: I've been eating out with him for the past few months and have made myself chic .. enjoy the togetherness again .. And from time to time I have him n shirt that he found good or brought along .. And last week, for example so a little lego fire engine car to build together * g he was pleased :)
  • reply - 7: Lego ... how cool !!!

    That reminds me ... my husband got a remote-controlled helicopter for his birthday. Since he was also animal over it happy!

    If your men are on it ... maybe a spa day for two before the baby comes?!?
  • reply - 8: I know that with the remote-controlled heli I gave it to christmas 2 years ago and last year there was a remote-controlled car that was the kracher but now I can not think of anything ...
  • reply - 9:

    We booked a spa weekend for two again - not a gift for him alone, but we both look forward to it. :-)

    The hotel has an extra "mom and dad in" weekend program, can not wait!

  • reply - 10:

    Ummm - I'll give it to my third child;)

    that's enough.

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