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Throw and catch

Balls of various sizes, whether thrown, caught or rolled, are good for the development of eye-hand coordination and the mobility of your child.

At the age of three to seven months, your child has learned to grasp, but the coordination of the entire arm, which enables him to roll or throw a ball anywhere (or to someone), usually develops between the ages of 18 months and three years.

This skill is a big step forward: Your child will start rolling the ball, then bouncing it and throwing it from below, before finally learning how to throw it from above.

If your child is less than two years old, you start playing ball games in which the ball is rolled. This is easier and less frightening (something that slowly rolls to his feet, it is less frightening than something that seems to be flying to his face or his body).

In the house soft balls or bean bags that are thrown into a bucket, a good alternative.

If you have a long hallway, it may be fun to try a bowling game. In general, the "handedness" - the preference of the right or left hand - consolidates during the second year of life, so pay attention. But there are a lot of differences - so do not worry if your child does not favor a hand yet.

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