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Hey :)

I have already heard from some mothers that acupuncture has significantly shortened at least the time of opening the cervix. Also at the GVK much good was reported about it and I will probably do it, because my doctor right around the corner has their practice and it is offered there. If what helps is good and if not, I have no harm.

I would still like to read a few opinions / experiences on the subject before.


  • reply - 1: I want to do this too. But let it be in the hospital, then I get to know the midwives and it is cheaper than with my doctor.
  • reply - 2: I'll do it in the KH too. Start next week with treatment vorz. Labor and sleep disorders. From 11.6. then treatment birth preparation. I'm curious!
  • reply - 3: In our KH is also made, but there I would always extra by car 20 minutes back and 20 back drive. I already know two of the midwives from the GVK.
    With my doctor, this is also done by a midwife and there is probably the possibility to finance it via the KK, if the midwife settles it as a consultation. But I have to be smart again.

    @EveLine: Do you have ET on July 11?

  • reply - 4: @ Makanina I have on July 8 ET. Drive 40 minutes and 40 back. Since I will deliver in the CH (if nothing comes in between ...). But once a week (still);)
  • reply - 5: My habmme does it with me and comes to my house and then settles it with the health insurance
  • reply - 6: I already get acupuncture for heartburn and water retention in the midwife. So far it helps.
    Birth preparation starts on the 34th or from the 36th Ssw ...
  • reply - 7: I also have more than enough time for this (BV), but the travel costs are added, if you have to pay yourself with the acupuncture. Probably not more than 15 euros per session, but since I would drive to the motorway to the KH, I would drive determined fast and properly consume fuel. I try to stay only at 120 km / h, but at the latest on the way back I can not leave it :)). That would be expensive ...
  • reply - 8: Haha Makanina, the explanation I think great :)) Mrs. Bleifuss;)
  • reply - 9: Yeah, do not know .. that's going on so that I think: "Oh, I overtake the truck ..... ui, but that's also slow, wa..nee, behind the likes I also net swinging ... Oah, one more ... well, I push a bit on it ... hahaha, yes grandma, make better place ... oh, look at, we are already at 160..ja 'Oh, come on. Once we can ..' and Schwupps is my exit and the tank by a few liters empty ^ ^. Is not nice, is not exemplary, but yes ... I can not leave net, so I better go to the doctor on a street.
  • reply - 10: Hello! I did it at the first birth. I came to the KH with 3 cm Mu - opening, within 1 hour everything was open. Was a very easy birth. At the second I will probably do acupuncture again at the FA. I still have to inquire

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