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Pregnancy complaints and pain 4


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  • reply - 1: Thanks to mouse ups and Debbie. Now I'm really calmer if I'm just bad.
    I always have Dextro in my pocket since the pregnancy. This usually helps in the morning too.
    After breakfast it is usually worse for a short time but then it's better during the day.
    Had therefore just sugar on suspicion but that was already excluded 4 weeks ago.
  • reply - 2: To tachycardia ... I have been a high-pressure patient for a long time ... But in pregnancy, tachycardia can also be caused by e.g. The thyroid gland will be triggered. Have a blood test done and have the TSH value checked.
  • reply - 3: Of course, always can have a different cause than blood pressure. Are you talking to the doctor again, Tammi? Incidentally, I often have cardiac arrhythmias, even before pregnancy, but for me it is always clearly the stress or situations that cause slight panic, for example, flies.
  • reply - 4: I had also reported that with the heart racing and have it for some time really real. But the day before yesterday my doctor responded and saw it now not as a concern, unless of course otherwise nothing strange. He also thinks that everything is already so big and the Gm sits so high up that it just squeezes the organs as well. In addition, the many blood, etc. He also said that everything will be even worse ;-)
    Have at the moment massive problems even positions to sit or lie down. Stand and walk. So now I'm constantly in the evening and at night through the apartment ....  
    Tammi, drink a lot, if you can put your feet up. And maybe it will not stay that low now. I cross my fingers for you
  • reply - 5: I also have the thyroid still on the note, the value is still pending. I ask you Monday;)
  • reply - 6: I also think, as Tine says, that it is already due to pressure. The baby gets his place. Have already massive problems lying down and sitting.
    The blood pressure is too low for my conditions but not questionable. It will certainly be an interaction of everything.
    My blood pressure was completely normal again and as always.
    Thank you for listening and the many tips.
    Find this always really great here, that you always get advice 
  • reply - 7: Unfortunately, I do not know in which thread I can classify this now ... but I was in the KH today because I found it scary that my stomach is so hard.  
    CTG, CL measured everything super, all good. Fetti did gymnastics during the CTG but the senior doctor said there were no contractions.
    I still have that irregularly.  
    Has anyone else spread that over the day?

    And then at the beginning it has 7.oder8. Ssw my gyn dated back a week ... so today I am 27 + 1. The doctor today said she would not date and change anything, but the baby weighs 1300grams and is timely developed, she and the US say early 30.SSW!  

    That would not be bad ... well, I do not know.
    Between 13 or 10 weeks is already a difference.  
    Has any of you been dated until now in the later Ssw?

  • reply - 8: So I also spread the hard stomach over the day. But I do not even bother myself. I had read a lot through wg exercise labor and so and from that goes for me, as long as it is not regular or painful. I think I can build on the doctor :-)
  • reply - 9: Ohhh 3 weeks difference is really much - I would definitely ask again.
  • reply - 10: So the midwife at the birth preparation course meant everything that is up to 14 ssw ago or backdated is ok, everything afterwards is nonsense. In other words, midwives and doctors are not guided by it. Since the children from then probably quite different in weight and size to take and in the first weeks, it is probably almost always the same.

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