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Perhaps you can help me!


Good morning expectant mothers and of course those who already are.
I would like to address you today as the Father-to-be, hoping to gain some insight or opportunity through your possible answers that will help me.
My sweetheart goes to the 14 Ssw on Wednesday, where it is the 2nd child for you and for me the 1st.
According to FA, where I was with her Friday, everything is fine.
In her first Ss she claims to have had no side effects such as nausea or the like and now she goes through the full program.
She is often ill, with a focus on back pain and extreme pulling in the groin.
She does not say that she is in pain, but what I look at her and what partly affects the mood at home.
Not that we argue, but there is a depressed mood.
As far as my job allows, I try to take our big baby (3 years) off her to have some rest.
Even if this may be part of it, I am always very sorry to always have to see that she is not feeling well and can not do anything for you.
Now you read so much about magnesium etc. why I would like to ask you what your experiences are and what or how you have helped you?
I would like to thank you in advance for your answers.


  • reply - 1: Hello
    So I can highly recommend magnesium (magnesium verla) just by pulling in the straps (straps)
    I took a tablet in both pregnancies 3x daily when it was really bad in between. It helped me very well

    Because of the back pain, I can highly recommend acupuncture or a heat pillow in the back :)

  • reply - 2: I think it's very brave and great that you have written your post here and give your wife so much attention (which she also needs 100% now)
    Every ss is different. It is in most cases that the first one is very different from the second.
    All symptoms are typical in the ss, so no reason to worry. Your wife will remember where it ends and you have to see a doctor. , As I said, every woman suffers in her own way or not at all.
    I would not take magnesium without talking to the doctor. Because too much magnesium can not be released from the body (you also say all Apo and doctors) so please after consultation.
  • reply - 3: So in my first and second pregnancy I got prescribed a pregnancy belt because of back pain in this I have to wear this because of the pain in the stomach from the mother tapes
    The help actually quite good, I can only recommend
    Evil and puking I must now 20 ssw Still, so I hope that it is over soon but the doctor assumes that it is still so now I have it to the end
    He always writes me something against it but I do not want to take it all I think is not good for the child
    So only one eye stays closed
  • reply - 4: I swear on magnesium, I'm only in ssw 9 but it helps. Better to take more often, the surplus flushes out the body. Yoga helps with back pain. I have been doing this for years because of problems with the lumbar region due to scoliosis. I am virtually painless with yoga.
  • reply - 5: Magnesium is not released from the body when too much was ingested! !! Everything goes directly to the baby! !
  • reply - 6: It has a laxative effect when overdosed, only with limited kidney function is another possible. Do not worry people unnecessarily.
  • reply - 7: Just say what the doctor and pharmacist said. I also wanted to get magnesium. And have no diseases
  • reply - 8: Magnesium from Verla tablets would be recommended. 6 tablets give 300 mg. more she should not take more sooner to start with 100-200. Excess is eliminated. unless she has kidney problems. rather, much of it is not absorbed in the intestine when the Mg is e.g. on iron or calcium. Therefore, always take at intervals of 2-4 hours to dairy products or iron preparations.
    a support band (1u on ebay) could also help her support backs. Symphysics belt is also available. how strong is the nausea problem?
  • reply - 9: At my first pregnancy I had no symptoms and now at the 2 I've also gone through everything and it is for my husband and the first child now I can understand your wife that she does not always say if you hurts what it's just not so easy to let in help now
    I helped with my back pain tapes supports the muscles in the back and magnesium has not helped me I've got a gym ball because I often sit on it that also does very well
  • reply - 10: wow wow wow dear mum,
    I am overwhelmed by your participation and would like to leave a big THANK YOU there.
    I'll try slowly to pass on the first hints.
    maybe this way the sometimes depressed mood can be brightened up a bit !!
    I know that my darling does not deliberately do that and sometimes she feels sorry for her again, if she does not whistle at me.
    In any case, I will continue to do my utmost to support you and I would like to wish you all the best, a smooth birth of your baby and above all health for you and your families.

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