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Fall asleep to the babies


How is that with you? Put the mice in bed when they are still awake, or do something to make them sleep. I always rock her to sleep, otherwise it will not work. You may have some tips for me. Wake up to bed does not work then roars like a spit


  • reply - 1: I recommend rituals to your heart
    Ours is made ready for bed about 20:00, with bath about 1/2 hour earlier.
    By the way comes Kirschkernsäckchen in her bed and her Schoppen (otherwise breastfed throughout the day) is judged.
    Then there's in our bed (she sleeps in the extra bed) from the daddy
    When she is empty or she does not want to, she is put to bed. At first with a pacifier, but she spits it out sometime.
    Dad is next to it until she fell asleep
    The pajamas / bag and bottle separates the evening clearly from the rest of the day
  • reply - 2: Yeah I try a lot too, she's been very difficult from the very beginning and screams when she's put to bed oh oh oh ever. Then I often think I've broken something? :-) so violently she roars.
  • reply - 3: I run around with my mouse in the apartment at about 18 o'clock she is ready for bed pajamas then give the bottle then I run around with her in my arms when I realize that she is sleepy I put her in bed and turn on her music box and still scratch her head until she fell asleep :)
  • reply - 4: Luna has her story time then 19 hours to bed ready to do. .. so sleep on etc and then try to breastfeed or bottle but she never wants
    to eat something else. So I put her in bed with schnulli. There she is still watching and falls asleep. At eight o'clock she sleeps deeply after she has played Sandman music three times;)
  • reply - 5: We are breastfed in the 7, then pampers fresh and change while playing on the changing table then it is cuddled and then it's awake with pacifier, music box and lying on his stomach in your own lattice bed in your own room. Depending on how tired he is but usually I hear nothing more from him
  • reply - 6: In the evening we bring her to bed together. At 19.00 she is wrapped, moved and possibly fed and latest at 20.00 she is in the extra bed. We'll stay there for a moment and go out there. From time to time you may have to her again, because she spat out the pacifier before she sleeps deeply.
    During the day it's only in the spring cradle. But what do I want to do, she is just a writing baby and I'm glad if she even sleeps from day on. She can not do it differently
  • reply - 7: With us it almost runs off the same as with Lilitg, except that with the bathing and he still gets the starry sky switched on, then he sleeps from the look a ....
  • reply - 8: I always read a story to my, I found myself as a kid great, talking quietly and quietly. Yesterday I could really remember how he calmed down and finally fell asleep!
    And the longer I do that, the better it works.
    That he goes without me in his side bed is now 1 week.
  • reply - 9: bring him also 18-19uhr in the bed (sleep on, sleeping bag) then thrown on the shoulder johnny cash turned on and in the tact through the darkened room gone until he is dozed then I put it carefully in the bed. Usually he wakes up again then I stroke his head between his eyes until his nose kisses him and then I turn off music and go alone he does not fall asleep. also because he is belly sleeper
  • reply - 10: So with us he gets around 20 o'clock a bottle and then directly to bed. The rest is done before with pampers and move ... then he usually cuddles not something around and then falls asleep. For a few days I try it with a music box because I thought that it may also help during the day so he sleeps in bed

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