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Hard belly when lying down



I am now in the 18th SSW and actually I am fine except that when I lie down to sleep in the evening to sleep, the lower part above my vagina of my baby bump feels hard. Does anyone have such experiences?


  • reply - 1: Do not worry. That will be your foreboding. I had also ca from the 18 ssw :)
    As long as you do not feel any pain & you do not feel like you're getting under one hour a day at regular intervals, that's normal.
    Say it next time, then you will surely get prescribed magnesium, if you do not already take it.
    Everything okay :)

    Greetings from afar.

  • reply - 2: Have that same only every morning when I'm still in bed 1-2x. A bit scary Oo. Will I also speak at FA next ma but should be normal.
  • reply - 3: Up to 3 times in half an hour that is completely ok! And as long as this "blow" by rest and warmth go away, there is no danger of a premature birth according to my midwife :)
  • reply - 4: I have that too, I only realize when I reach for it, otherwise I would not feel it. I'll talk to the doctor next time :)
  • reply - 5: I always get pee and then a hard stomach and that is very uncomfortable ... Yesterday I even had to sit on the toilet because it was really painful !?

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