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Maybe pregnant?


I have a question:
I got my days on 16.08.16 have a fairly regular cycle of 28 days.
Have heat flashes for a few days. I would have had my rule two days ago, have a day before the actual rule abdominal pain as my mens come and my breasts were sensitive I eat lately also much more with me it is really always so when I get such abdominal pain No later than the next day my days this time but nothing! Yesterday I also had light to yellowish discharge. The tests have been negative so far. We are currently trying to get pregnant so we had enough intercourse for ovulation. Now to my question have read on the Internet that it is probably so in some of the test is so early still negative. Do you think there are still hopes for a ss? Was it vlt with you?
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  • reply - 1: Good that you have asked the question even in the fertility group. The girls there are really good with it. Maybe there will be more answers.

    Otherwise, you can also look in our article The pregnancy test is negative - why is my period off?

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