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A great birth despite initiation


Hello my dears! My name is Maxi, I'm 23 years old and mom from Mats who turns 2 in October.
For a long time I have planned to write a birth report, because it could hardly have been better with us.
My pregnancy was beautiful except for the nausea in the first 3 months. Although I had thick legs and feet and finally pain in the symphysis, but for me it was hardly worth mentioning. Our little man was probably also nice in my stomach and has let us wait pretty nice. At ET + 6, I was getting nervous and my gynecologist sent me to the hospital to check. During the ultrasound our son was estimated to be 55cm and 4.8kg - oh dear! I myself am not very tall at 1.66m and because of the size we were recommended to come on Saturday for the introduction.
Said and done. At ET + 8 we drove with bag and bag to the hospital and I got at 12 noon a homeopathic labor cocktail consisting of apricot juice, castor oil, almond purée and verbena oil. Tasted terrible and I did not believe that this drink causes me any contractions. Then we moved into our family room, but we answered until the evening, because my husband wanted to watch the Bundesliga at home
Shortly before 17 o'clock it started, that I felt a slight pulling in the stomach. We drove back to the hospital and were met by a super-loving midwife. The contractions were getting uncomfortable and she first joined me at the CTG - which simply indicated NOTHING. Oh man, that could take some time.
Then the midwife looked at my cervix and we were not astonished when she said: "Oh! 8 cm open!" So we went off to the delivery room.

What happened then until birth felt like minutes to me. I went into the bathtub for a moment, but I was too warm there. The opening pains I spent lying on my side in bed, my eyes closed, focused only on my breathing. I must confess that I have always smiled a little at the breathing exercises in the GVK. I simply could not imagine that breathing properly can help somehow - far from it! With the help of the midwife I was breathing like in a trance, I did not notice anything, no pain, no time, nothing.
Then came the forced labor. I spent these mainly on my knees at the head of the bed until I could not anymore and lay down. My husband was always there, holding my hand and firing at me. The contractions were weakening and I got a painkiller, but the drip was not set properly and nothing went through. The midwife decided to puncture my amniotic sac. Meanwhile, a gynecologist was permanently present. Unfortunately, the contractions were still not strong enough to move our treasure. That's when I first asked for an analgesic. The midwife said only very cool: "Until that works, your baby is already in the world!"
The doctor then proposed to get the suction cup.
That was probably the motivation I needed, because before the suction cup, I always had a horror. After a few presses, the head came. For me that was the "worst" moment of the birth because I did not have to push any more so the head would come slowly and I would not break. That really hurt. When the head was there, took midwife and doctor each one leg of me pressed it about 15 times quickly against my chest and then pulled it again long, so our little one is turning properly. One more woe, one press, and he was all there. ❤
It was just 10 o'clock. I was a little torn then and felt the pain clearly. The afterbirth came very fast and then I was sewn immediately. After the anesthesia, I did not notice anything and later I had no complaints with the wound. From the moment we were just great. The little one was very healthy, 53 cm tall, weighed only 3896 grams and we were allowed to cuddle for quite a long time until we came to the room at some point.
I never dreamed that my first birth would be complete without pain medication in just 5 hours.
Likewise I would wish it to every mom!


  • reply - 1: Thanks for the nice birth report. Reading from such a birth is sure to give many courage.
  • reply - 2: Great report. Thanks a lot for this. I still enjoy reading birth reports, even after more than a year after the birth of my daughter.
    It was just as fast and without analgesics, but the mouse was only about half as heavy as your son.
  • reply - 3: How nice. Thanks for telling.
  • reply - 4: Thank you :) forgot to write that he weighed only 3800 grams

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