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Before or Senkwehen ???


Hello dear girls, have a question again. I'm going to go crazy with them. What kind do I have now, I describe briefly how they feel .. so it's like stronger menstrual pain, Bauchi is rock hard. Have always such a sting and pressure on the vagina and a pain in thighs and back, but all net regularly, abed for it more and more often and strengthened ... sometimes I think ohhh now we go hihi. But are they now sinking or blowing away?


  • reply - 1: that's the same with me .... but as long as it does not come in regular, stronger intervals, we should think no thoughts ;-)
  • reply - 2:


    My midwife always says: If you are not sure if it is right labor, it is not. Right overrun one like a force of nature, the breath stops, the body stiffens, one can also scream at it. If you are there, you will know it.

    What you have are pre-cum and contractions. Foreshots go on the stomach, blows on the hips and vagina.

  • reply - 3: then I have a RIGHT woe that was really awesome .... since I am also with all the pain much looser :-)
  • reply - 4: Then I always have the right ones!
    So at least 1 a day! But otherwise the whole day pre-exercise and senkwehen!

  • reply - 5: Thank you dear, this is my 3rd ssw For the first two I had not at all, or did not notice net. We did not go on until we were born, that's why it makes me crazy.
  • reply - 6: I can not go back soon ..... the pain is already almost continuous, but just no real blow ...... have the snout now really full! Can not sleep, the ganen day and night pain and stomach cramps and my sugar is now even at the end ........ sorry, that was really too much tonight ..... :-(
  • reply - 7: Do you take magnesium?
  • reply - 8: Witubbi are you sure this is nothing serious? So I would let me examine it! Not that you have a home birth!

  • reply - 9: oh what, I do not believe :-) and tomorrow morning is anyway eh ..... as I said, since I had friday times RIGHT cramps, I'm sure that it is only blow forward ...
    I do not take magnesium any more, I've read that from the 37 week no longer ?? If I would delay the birth out even longer, I would not take more .....
    But this lack of sleep makes me mentally easy to finish ....
    and then one day another says to me: the time has yet to enjoy, now you are alone and allowed to sleep and do what you want * ggggrrrrrrrr * I can currently freak out .... !!!!
  • reply - 10: Can you fix a ryhtmus? If it also raises ded sugar, so if it does not get better ... go to the KH, Siched is sure !!

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