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Complementary food 3


The old one is almost full 


  • reply - 1: Clear Buy recommendation!  

    "for babies cooking" by Sonja Sammüller
    Price only 5 € (eg via Amazon)

    Cooking and nutritional advice in the first year.

    It is written for self-catering, but is also ideal for glass buyers!

    I hope I can help some of you!  

  • reply - 2: Anyone here has the russell hobbs? So far, I'm thrilled, but have not cooked anything for mush with it. Does anyone have any tips for me?
  • reply - 3: I always wanted to cook something with fennel, but I never really knew what to do with it.
    Now is the opportunity :)
    Did I get a tuber of fennel from the farmer, do I have to watch out for anything while steaming?

    Never had fennel in my hands: /

  • reply - 4: You really just have to cut the trunk out! Fennel is great, very high iron content!
  • reply - 5: Great thanks !!
  • reply - 6: Me nobody answers:

    Will the evening meal also be replaced by a bottle someday? And if so when?

  • reply - 7: Why replace the porridge with a bottle? You mean instead of breastfeeding?
    So we give the evening porridge 17 / 17.30 and go to bed then there is still a bottle (because we do not breastfeed) as I have followed that also give some the porridge directly in front of going to bed.
  • reply - 8: So it's the other way around So the porridge replaces the bottle, namely, if he wants to go to bed after the porridge and before, no longer wants a bottle
  • reply - 9: Soooo we start now too. At the moment still with glasses, since no considerable quantities are eaten (apart from 60g yesterday, today only 5 spoons).
    I have all the hardware now. The Russell Hobbs, blender, etc ..
    And then tomorrow I go shopping with the püppi vegetable. I'm kinda happy, although she still has time. But just as she eats to eat and suck on cucumbers, tomatoes and fruit and suck, it's probably good to start.
    Over time, I will mix porridge with blw and then offer her some steamed vegetable sticks and other things. At least that's the plan.
  • reply - 10: Earlier I fed parsnip porridge, it was about 60 g. After that I thought about whether I still offer the bottle. I decided then for a small one. He drank the 150 ml. I'm a bit scared to overfeed him. When does the porridge replace about the bottle, so how many grams of porridge?

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