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Still armchair / rocking chair


Does anybody have something like that? If so, how do you like it and where did you buy it?


  • reply - 1: We have a swinging chair from Roller, as it is from IKEA. In it, I personally could sit and breastfeed well and by the seesaw it has the little ones liked. I will use it again, but if it is really necessary, put it there. It works without and he is not necessary for survival.
  • reply - 2: I have the rocking chair from Ikea. We will still see if it is practical even when breastfeeding. He is definitely comfortable.
  • reply - 3: I have a priceless expensive wing chair, which I once gave my first salary. I wanted to breastfeed that. He is super comfortable. Reasonably cheap you get wingback chair at IKEA. Just try it. ;-)
  • reply - 4: We also have such a rocking Ikea, to breastfeeding he was not there yet, but mostly I was lying still on the couch or in bed
  • reply - 5: We have the nursing chair of Hauk.
    Has been very resistant. Especially in the nights.
    Now the part is in the living room and my husband loves to use it while gambling 
  • reply - 6: I bought the chair at XXL lutz. It's the stuff that you can take off and even wash. We love this chair. I was very happy to breastfeed in the chair and think this time to use it properly. Until recently I was able to calm my son there super, now he would not like it anymore. He's big now ;-) We use him now to read a book together or something similar. Sometimes we just cuddle together.
    My personal opinion is: this thing is worth every penny.
  • reply - 7: With my son we were back when he was very small in the shopping center and in the nursing room was such an IKEA rocking chair, I did not want to go out there, so I found the thing so comfortable! That same evening I bought one for home!
  • reply - 8: With the big one, I only had this rocking chair from Ikea. Nursing pillow around me and done. When I was a bit more experienced with the silent anyway anyway, in any position was satisfied. But in the beginning I found it very convenient and sufficient :)
  • reply - 9: So I got a comfortable chair, but I did not use it. Mostly I have breastfed while lying down, which I found by far the back-friendly. In addition, you could then leave the children immediately when they fell asleep and you did not need to move or remove them.

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