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Words of our babies :-)


Since I always find it totally sweet and exciting what words are in the small "IN", I open the thread here ....


  • reply - 1: So caros loud current: DADADA, DÄ DÄ and BABBABABBA .. sounds like dad and he is happy as NEN Krümelkeks ... :-)
  • reply - 2: hihi I know that. Sophie of her favorite sounds are at the moment De de de, dä dä dä or bab bab bab. Saturday I could have thrown myself away. My husband, our friend and his daughter all had "meant" to hear Sophie would have said radio * g * I'm thinking about which ear doctor I'll send the 3 :-)
  • reply - 3: BLABLABLA in singsong
    and that alternately in a chattering tone and accusing scolding: D
  • reply - 4: Nainainain-pretty long-haired ... sounds kind of like no-nay-something ... that would fit, because she does it while dressing and that's what she hates
    Then Dabadaba-my husband is convinced that it's daddy
    and my sis has confirmed that she calls Momamoma behind me - I hope she means mom and not grandma
  • reply - 5: my mouse says bababababa (dad so happy !!!) and dada and since yesterday mamamam and now i'm sooo happy

  • reply - 6: If what I think is great, he makes aneee
  • reply - 7: zoey says real dad, also in his direction and today mum once and if there is food, then hamham ..
  • reply - 8: Mom and Dad says it very clearly !!! : D so happy !!!!!!

    And all sorts of sounds: D

  • reply - 9: He makes all sorts of sounds, hard to describe. In any case, there are sounds such as "dada" "dede" or "gege" or "nimbly".

    Mamam and Babab come only sometimes, the phase we have behind us.

  • reply - 10: So my baba can be and in Arabic this even means daddy and my husband is lebanese and my son howls sometimes like mom
    If he's eating hamham
    And oha and ahh

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